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    To the naked eye, Ian Mitchell was your typical 17 year old senior in high school. He was quarterback/captain of the football team, he was friends with practically everyone, and his girlfriend, Amanda Evans, was seemingly going to be his high school sweetheart who he'd spend the rest of his life with. But if you looked closer, you would see the large bags under his eyes. If you looked closer, you would see the bruise that most would think were hickies from young love. If you looked closer, you'd see the truth. But no one looked close enough to save him from himself.
    Ian's perfect world would be him, Amanda, and his little sister Max. But that all changed on May 2 when a drunk driver ran a stop sign. Hitting the passenger side where Amanda sat, that driver turned Ian's world upside down. Ian walked away with a fractured arm and ankle but Amanda on the other hand, had been diagnosed with severe brain bleeds that would lead her to forget the past two years of her life, forgetting Ian in the process. Ian visited her everyday until eventually, he just didn't anymore. And she moved away. Eventually, they both moved on, forgetting what they had been through together. And to this day, Ian was the only one with the full truth.

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