Moon Light Kiss (2)

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"Lawrence Anthony Mason." He said pronouncing his full name with a proper accent. I couldn't help but to laugh. He smiled. I smiled back only the strange thing was my real smile not just a small grin. I couldn't believe that I just told him all of this and I barley know him. It was really weird. It felt good to open up though. We got up and it was already time to go to lunch.

When we got our trays I found Kayla and I sat down by her with Lawrence by my side as well. Kayla had her mouth open wide. I closed it for her with my finger. Her skin was cold...really cold. I have never touched her skin....weird I know but the weirdest thing was how cold and hard her skin was. Maybe I'm just too stressed out.  

"Holy crap dude! You're really hot!" She yelled. I laughed, and so did Lawrence.  

" thanks." He said. She laughed with us. My laugh was a little forced because I was still in shock that I told him all that stuff and I don't know him. But here he was...sitting down and looking like a god, and he was talking to me.

"So is it okay with you if I talk to you some more?" he asked as we walked in the hall. He was so grace full with each step.  

"Um...I guess." I replied.  

"Thank" I stopped him before he could finish.  

"Okay...I just have to ask this. Are you plotting something against me?" I asked.  

"No." He laughed. It sounded beautiful.  

"Why would you think that?" He asked, looking strait into my eyes and the truth slipped out.  

"Because you are perfect in every way, and you are so hot, and you wanting to know things about just...well confusing." I said in one quick breath. He smiled at me. I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks.  

"You didn't mean to say that, huh?" He asked.  

"Yeah, I didn't really want to say all of that out loud." I said looking down at my feet.  

"Don't worry about it. I think you are very beautiful, to be honest." He said in a very seductive voice. I had goose bumps all over my arms and I was sure my heart was going to explode.  

I continued to look down and started walking again...I didn't trust my voice to say thanks, or ask how he could think that. I knew my voice was going to be shaky. But I pulled myself together and took a deep breath.  

After a little while I managed to say "thanks" and my voice didn't crack or sake at all. So I smiled and we walked.

We talked about the school and everything he needed to know then before school ended he asked more questions about myself. I told him the truth most of the time, but some things I wanted to keep to myself. Like if I have ever been kissed, or if I have ever loved anyone. I couldn't tell him 'cause I was sure he has kissed someone and I'm positive that he's been in love before. It would be embarrassing if he knew that I have never kissed a guy, and that I have never loved anyone besides my parents...and Kayla.

He walked me out to the parking lot where his car was. It was beautiful, figures, and most likely really fast. It was black and sleek. It looked to be a Corvette.  

"It's a 2000 Corvette." He said when he saw me staring at it like an idiot. So...I was  

"So...where is your ride?" He asked looking around.  

"I...don't have one. I walk here and I walk home." I said awkwardly.  

"Wow. That explains why you're fit." He said flashing me a smile showing his teeth again.  

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