Chapter 40- School Prince, A Little Stingy (39)

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Cheng Xingyang couldn't stop despite being told by Jiang Ran.

It wasn't just him. The spirits of the men and women at a table were all hooked, their eyes sweeping across Jiang Ran's body.

Does Jiang Ran have a favorite girl?!!

Is this the biggest bomb this year?

So who is the girl he likes?

The eyes of everyone swept across Jiang Ran's sides.

On the left is the widely recognized school flower, which is beautiful and tall. When the two stood together, they are a pair of Lang Cais, and they are the most optimistic.

Su Yan, on the right, is a well-behaved next-door girl and looks good, but isn't very noticeable in school. After all, there are still many beauties in Imperial High School, but Jiang Ran's ambiguous attitude towards her is a bit special.

So the eyes of the crowd moved around and moved away. Eight achievements are one of them?

Which one of the two?

They guess that it's more likely that it was the school flower.

After all, the news of the two of them was not passed on for a day or two. Moreover, who can refuse the love of the school flower?

Yao Yufei straightened up her back and was feeling nervous after hearing Jiang Ran's words.

At this time, Zhao Yue, who was sitting next to her said, "Jiang Ran's sight have always been high. Even a girlfriend must be the best. How can an ordinary person get into his eyes?

As she spoke, she gave a despising look at Su Yan, who didn't speak from beginning to end. There was a sense of both inside and outside of the girl Jiang Ran likes is Yao Yufei.

Especially after she said this, Jiang Ran was silent. In the eyes of everyone, this was the default.

The Truth or Dare game continued.

Cheng Xingyang flicked the pointer again. This time, when the pointer stopped, it was pointing directly at Yao Yufei.

When they saw it was the school flower, everyone started to coax.

Cheng Xingyang routinely asked, "Truth or Dare?"

Yao Yufei's said in a cold voice, "Dare."

Cheng Xingyang pulled out a card from the box. "Kiss someone here for a minute."

Just as the voice fell, the excited howls were heard, there were many volunteers.

"Goddess, choose me, choose me!!!"

"Goddess! Look here!!!"

Everyone shouted, making Yao Yufei's cheeks flush for a moment. Then she couldn't help but look at Jiang Ran sitting next to her.

Seeing Yao Yufei's look, where else did the people do not understand?

Many people winked at Jiang Ran.

"Brother Jiang, a kiss from the goddess."

"Brother Jiang! If you don't take this big pie, the brothers will not let you go!"

The people around Yao Yufei cheered them on. Ashamed, her body slowly turned to Jiang Ran, and looked at Jiang Ran, not speaking.

He just leaned lazily on the black sofa, the young man lined with a white shirt became increasingly unruly.

He held a transparent glass in his hand and took a sip of water. His eyelids drooped, but his line of sight was looking at Su Yan next to him.

Coincidentally, Su Yan also looked over.

The two people faced each other.

Jiang Ran's eyes were raised, and his emotions unable to be discerned in the darkness.

She only heard his lazy tone, "You want me to kiss her too?" He asked plainly.

His words made Yao Yufei's heart cool down.

Su Yan blinked, "Why ask me?"

Jiang Ran approached her, and with the dim light, ambiguousness fermented between the two.

He leaned close to her ear, his voice low. "Do you want me to kiss someone else?"

Su Yan licked the corner of her lips subconsciously, and after a while, she said, "Don't want to."

TL Note: Searched up Lang Cai on google. Gave me veggies(the long sticks with artichoke heads), but after adding the word 'couple' to it, it gave me pics of lovers and Valentine's Day related stuff. So I'm assuming it means perfectly matched lovers/a heavenly couple or something like that.

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