Chapter 1

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Chapter one

I was scared so scared that I couldn't even think. I was just sitting there in the corner of a very dark, and gloomy room with nothing to eat or drink, I have been like this for a long time, I lost count of the days, I sat there with nothing to do except cry and pray to god that Mrs. Mitch would get me out of here soon, but after the first week had passed I knew there was no point in crying I was just meant to die in this filthy old orphanage. I have been here for as long as I can remember, this place is a prison even though it's a big complex with a large open area in the middle, and if you look up you could feel the sunshine, see the light blue sky, and watch the birds fly freely. Around the little clearing are the countless rooms filled with kids of all ages; the stairs leading up to the rooms are old, wood and could crack at any minute, the entire house looks ancient there are fissures in the walls and on the floor tiles, sometimes it feels like the house holds the cries and sadness of its many residents. every now and then I sit in the still darkness and let myself drift into my own thoughts to someplace far from here I could hear the sound of the waves crashing softly against solid rocks a small whistle of wind, feel the specs of sand slipping between my toes the heat of the sun kissing my bare shoulders my heart feeling at ease with the world and all the anger that usually boils inside me is all washed away. The creaking of the door snapped me back from my serene place and back to reality , I saw the ugly lady Mrs. Mitch stepping into the darkness, and I quickly ran up to her and hugged her leg

"Please Mrs. Mitch, I won't do it again just please get me out of here, I swear I'll listen to what you say just get me out of here, please I am begging you"

I said while still hugging her, she kicked me off of her hard that I flew, and hit my back against the hard wall

"Get off of me, now get up your leaving" she Said with anger that I was touching her and huge relief to be getting rid of me

"What I am leaving? Where? "I asked surprised while looking up to see her standing above me with an ugly crooked nose at the tip which lay pointed spectacles, big black bulgy eyes staring back at me, she was the owner and care taker of Good Care Orphanage she walked to where I was sitting wearing a short tight black skirt reaching her knees a matching black jacket with a red top, her jet black hair in a high, tight, barley there bun, on top of her head, and said

"Yes your leaving, now get up!" I got up as she led the way out of my prison, all the while my mind filled with a million questions, where am I going? What's going to happen to me? A flicker of hope sparked inside of me because I might actually be leaving this place. We got to Mrs. Mitch's office, she pointed for me to enter and I did, but just as I stepped in I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head, and then everything went black.

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