"Wait, You're Gay, Too?!"- Bonus: Kyrie

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"Woof." He smiled shyly. I happily tore off my shirt and climbed on top of him, holding his hips as I began to gently grind against him. He was already hard... I growled beside his ear.

"You're so sexy, baby..." I breathed, kissing my mark and undoing his pants. Nathan's skin was becoming red with embarrassment. He lifted his hips to help me slid his pants off. Nathan slipped off his shirt and wrapped his arms around my neck. I smirked and kicked off my pants. A soft moan left Nathan's lips, turning me on even more. I lifted his legs and kissed them as I slowly pulled off his socks.

"J-Jake," he whined, watching me with half-lidded eyes. I kissed to the inside of his thighs, making Nathan shudder. His scent was so strong... Especially where I was at the moment. I kissed the growing tent through his underwear, making his hips buck slightly. I hooked my fingers into the band of his underwear and pulled, slowly sliding them off of him.

"Your scent is so strong..." I whispered, looking up at him as my tongue slid against his cock, making it twitch.

"Oh, God!" Nathan covered his mouth, squeezing his eyes shut. "M-More.." He whimpered. I chuckled and slid him into my mouth. He let out a sigh, biting his lip. I slobbered all over him, letting it slide down to his hole, in which I proceeded to slide a finger into him. He moaned, tilting his head back.

"Are you ready..?" I whispered, gently blowing on him. He quickly nodded, whimpering. I slid out of my boxers and flipped us, letting him be on top. I held his hips, helping him sit onto me. I slid deep into Nathan, making him moan. Goosebumps covered his skin. I smiled a bit before slowly moving my hips up. Nathan bit his lip, watching me as he leaned over me, his hands pressed to my chest.

"F-Faster, Jake..!" He panted. I wrapped my arms around his hips before thrusting into him at a quick speed. Nathan's whimpers and moans were almost in sync with the sound of skin hitting skin. Nathan's eyes were squeezed shut, his lips parted as his breathing was heavier.

"F-Fuck, baby.." I groaned, watching him. He tilted his head back.

"S-So good, Jake.." He whined. "I-I'm fe-feeling.." I nodded and kept thrusting. I sat up, capturing his nipple with my teeth, my tongue flicking against it. "J-Jake!" He whined, pressing his face to my chest. Nathan's body shook as he came onto my stomach, his eyes crossing slightly. I turned Nathan around, sitting up on the couch and grabbing his thighs, holding him against me. I slipped back into Nathan, causing him to moan out, his back arching away from me. I thrusted into him fast, suckling on his shoulder.

He could easily make me cum just from his sounds... But I wanted to give him as much pleasure as possible. I held his thighs up and widened them, making Nathan whimper. He was such a turn on... He reached down and even began to masturbate as I slammed into him.

"Does it feel good?" I purred, kissing his neck.

"It fe-feels so g-good!" He tilted his head back, moaning. "Ooh~!"

"I-I'm close, too..." I mumbled, my thrusts getting faster.

"Ohh, yeah!" Nathan whined. "I-I want it!" He looked back at me. Him begging for me to cum was the thing to drive me over the edge. I bit into my mark again, unleashing a huge load into him. His body shook.

His panting breath and the sound of my tongue sliding against his skin was the only thing I could hear...

"I-I love you.." He turned and kissed me, parting his lips. My tongue slipped into his mouth, massaging his.

I loved him way more than anyone could comprehend.

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