"Wait, You're Gay, Too?!"- I Love You

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Chapter Twenty Nine~


"J-Jake now..." I whimpered.

"What my mate wants, my mate gets," he growled beside my ear, giving me the shivers. He rubbed my chest and sides, pulling off my shirt. I yanked at his. Both shirtless, he got on top of me and kissed down to my neck. His forefinger and thumb gently pinched my nipple.

It felt so good..

"F-Fuck, Jake!" I gasped out when he licked my neck, his hand going down to my crotch.

"Your skin is so soft," Jake breathed before nibbling my neck. I squirmed when he dug his incisors in me. Sparks shot through me, making me desperate to get both of us naked as quick as possible...

Jake gently placed a pillow underneath my lower back and kissed down to my member. I squeaked when he ran his tongue on the underside of it.

"I can't get enough of this scent," he growled and trailed his tongue up to my nipple. He caught it in his mouth and skillfully flicked his tongue against it. "Are you ready..?" He whispered. I nodded and watched him. He pulled out a blue tube from the nightstand beside the bed and poured the gel-like liquid all over himself. He positioned himself on his knees, holding my thighs and spreading my legs. My stomach was doing flip-flops...

Jake gently pleasured himself to become stiffer. I held my breath, watching the ceiling as I braced myself for the pain. I felt his tip poke my entrance.

"Just relax, baby.." He whispered and held my hands beside my head. I watched Jake's torso as he pressed himself further against me. My breath caught as his tip slid in... It was much easier this time... Probably because of what he put on himself... "Oh, fuck, Natey..." Jake groaned as he seated himself in me. I felt like fire was tearing at my insides, but I wanted more.

"J-Jake..!" I gasped when he did a small thrust into me. I squeezed his hands. It was so intimate and romantic... He kept giving me kisses as he pulled out a bit, then back in. I could tell he was holding back.

"Y-You're so hot.." Jake grumbled against my skin. "It's so damn good..."

"G-Go faster.." I whispered. Jake held my hand and used his other to hold my hips. He thrusted at a normal pace, making me moan like a girl. It was embarrassing.

"Your noises are so hot," Jake chuckled breathlessly.  He went faster, making the bed squeak along with his movements. Suddenly, he hit something that's never been touched before... I became undone.

"Holy shit, Jake!" I cried out, my back arching. I came quickly, unable to think. Jake didn't mind. He kissed my lips passionately as he kept moving. Squeak, squeak, squeak went the bed with every movement.

"We might break the bed, love," he panted, looking into my eyes. I love him so much...

"Let's d-do it.." I giggled. Jake laughed and flipped us. He slammed his hips up into me, causing me to scream.

"Ohh, Natey, scream again," Jake held my hips tightly. He bounced me up and down at a quick pace... I felt my member bouncing with me, and Jake couldn't get enough of the view. I gasped out when all he did was touch the spot.

"Jesus fucking Christ!!!" I placed my hands on his chest to hold myself up. I watched as sweat rolled down the side of Jake's face. His muscles shone form the light... I couldn't handle it... It felt so good... "Ooooh god, Jake! I-I'm going to d-do it again!"

"Come for me, baby.." Jake breathed, moving his hips faster. Jake groaned out. "I-I'm so close, baby.." He turned us onto our sides. He flipped me over so my back was facing him. He grabbed my leg and held it up before slamming himself back into me.

"Oh god! Jake! Yes!" My mouth was saying things I would be embarrassed to say... But it didn't matter anymore... Jake bit down on my shoulder as he slammed himself into me one last time. I cried out and came onto the sheets. I felt extremely hot inside... Jake sighed heavily, resting his head on my shoulder.

"Oh, wow... Natey.." He licked where he had drawn blood and panted. "I-I love you.."

"I love you..." 

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