"Wait You're Gay Too?!"- Make the Pain Go Away

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**Rape Warning. Do not proceed if you cannot safely handle the visual depictions. You have been warned.

Chapter Twenty-Five~

"What first?" The blonde boy asked. The black haired boy pulled out a vial and a syringe. "What's that?"

"Alprostadil," the black haired boy muttered. "Get him restrained." He gestured over to me. The blonde boy came over and grabbed my wrists. I was too weak to do anything... He forced me to lie on my back while he held my arms above my head. I didn't know what was happening.. The black haired boy got close, kneeling down and getting in between my legs.

"Hush," he whispered to me. "It'll be painful." He began filling the syringe with a clear liquid.

Everything hurt so bad... I could barely think.

"Wa-Wait---" And I felt a sharp pain in my privates. I gasped out and started bawling, but I couldn't move. The black haired boy had stuck the needle into my shaft, and pushed in whatever liquid was in there.

"Oh my god!" The blonde laughed. "He got hard instantly!"

"It's to help with getting an erection," the black haired boy muttered, undoing his belt and pants.

"And we don't get some?" The blonde started stripping, as well.

"No. He doesn't want this. We do. He won't get hard unless we made him. And I made him." The black haired boy got fully undressed and picked up some rope. "And look, Cayden even wanted us to get freaky." The blonde laughed.

"Tie him up!!" The black haired boy knelt down by me and tied my hands behind my back.

"Come on, twink," the black haired boy stood and grabbed my hair, pulling me to my knees. "Suck me." He forced his shaft into my mouth, and to my throat. I gagged and tried pulling away, but he held my head there. He watched me with calm eyes. "I might make him choke," he glanced at the blonde boy.

"I dare you to make him throw up," the blonde smirked. I quickly tried pulling away. Please.. I hated throwing up... Don't make me!

"Okay." And he thrusted all of himself into my mouth. It went down my throat... I squeezed my eyes shut and my stomach heaved. I threw up yellowish liquid; I haven't eaten in two days.. The blonde laughed more.

"Oh my god! You actually did it!!" He looked at the black haired boy. "Can we fuck now? I'm about to explode." I didn't hear an answer, but the black haired boy got down on the floor. He grabbed my hair, pulling me onto him.

"Don't worry, twink," he whispered to me, reaching behind and grabbing my butt. "I'll try to be gentle." I felt his shaft against my butt, and I started to cry again.

Please, no...

No more! Jake, please! Someone make it stop!!!

He grunted as he forced himself into me. The pain of being ripped open again was unbearable... My ears rang, only able to hear the faint laughter of the blonde boy. My throat had closed, a lump preventing me from screaming or even talking. My shaft was pulsing... What Jake did to me when we were at Liam's helped with the throbbing... But these people didn't want to pleasure me...

Only themselves.

The black haired boy grabbed my hips, thrusting into me, over and over. The blonde walked over and grabbed my hair. Every part of me was being pushed or pulled.

"Come on," the blonde boy purred. "You know what to do." I shook my head, and everything went fuzzy. He hit me.. He forced my head up again and forced himself into my mouth. I couldn't breathe... Why me...

The blonde watched me with mischievous eyes. He didn't think much about me or what traumas he was putting me through... The black haired boy, though, was calm...

"Come on! I wanna turn!" The blonde whined. He pulled away, his shaft leaving my mouth. I cried and coughed. I was gonna choke...

"Let him feel a real man first," the black haired boy growled.

Although I wish I could be home in Jake's arms.... The black haired boy cares...


They paid for two more hours, and I was left on the cold cement floor.

Cayden came down and picked me up. He carried me to what believed to be his room. He kissed my cheek and placed me on his bed. He handcuffed me to the headboard, but it was so much better than being in the cage..

Jake... Someone... Hear me..

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