"Wait You're Gay Too?!"- Bites Bruises and Blood

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**Rape Warning. Do not proceed if you cannot safely handle the visual depictions. You have been warned.

Chapter Twenty-Four~

"Wh-Why n-not..?!" Nathan cried, reaching up and trying to pull my hand from his hair.

"Because you're about to be put to use." I laughed and forced Nathan to stand by his hair. He shrieked, hands grabbing at mine. I slammed him over the metal table down there and held him down by the back of his neck. Nathan started sobbing again, trying desperately to pull away. Sorry, but I can't hold back any longer.

I leaned over and got a perfect view of his ass. Nathan is so cute.. I kissed his spine, trailing down to his ass-cheeks. They were soft; too bad they wouldn't be after I'm done. I bit him, causing him to scream for me to stop. Blood began beading around my teeth marks. I lapped it up... Holy hell, his blood is addicting. My tongue trailed down to his hole.

"C-Ca-Cayden!!!!" Nathan shrieked, standing on his tiptoes. "Pl-Please! St-stop! I'll d-do anything else!!!!" I looked up at his face. He looked so cute when he was begging...

"No." I went back and spit on him. I used my free hand to shove two fingers into his ass. He yelled, slamming his hands on the table. He was so tight; he was squeezing my fingers. I didn't wait for him to adjust; I started fingering him as fast as I could. Nathan kept screaming for me to stop and that it hurt. "You don't get it," I huffed; my hand began to trust into him with sharp, hard strokes. "I love seeing people in pain, especially if it's because of me."

I pulled my fingers out, and paused. It was like he was a girl; he was so wet. Oh, god, and his scent. I got behind him and aimed for his hole.

"Just wait, love, you'll be in high heaven," I poked him, trying to get my huge self into him. Nathan started to panic. He wouldn't stop squirming, making it extremely difficult for me to even hold him. Frustrated, I grabbed his waist and dug my nails into him. "Stop. Squirming." I snapped, squeezing as hard as I could. Nathan screamed out and stopped. I took the opportunity to slam myself into him.

Nathan let out an ear-piercing cry, gasping for air as he wept. I felt a bit of pain myself, for he was squeezing the life outta me.

"L-Love.. Y-you have to re-relax.." With my free hand, I reached down and grabbed his dick. A pained gasp left his lips, making his body get hotter as he got more embarrassed. I started stroking him, slowly sliding into him, then right back out. It was really tight.. When Nathan moaned, he started to let up. I kept stroking him but I thrusted harder into his waiting body. With every second, the sex was getting greater. Pre-cum began dripping from his dick, making him really slippery. This wasn't fun.

I spanked him really hard, instantly leaving a red handprint and Nathan screams of pain. I saw blood forming around my nail marks on his waist, and I could smell more of it. I glanced down, and smirked.

I ripped him apart.

Blood dropped to the cement floor, splattering. Nathan was shaking, his legs getting weak. From behind, it wasn't fun. I pulled out and flipped him, laying him on his back on the metal table. I dug my nails back into his waist as I slammed myself back into him.

"ST-STAH-HAH-HAP!!!!!!!!" Nathan cried out, his back arching in pain. But I couldn't stop. I leaned over, thrusting my hips hard. My body hitting his made the table slam into the wall and Nathan kept making his pained sounds. My teeth caught his cute, pink nipple. I bit down, rolling the small bead with my tongue. I could feel shock going through Nathan's body. Soon, he'd just pass out from the pain. I need to enjoy him as much as I can.

I wrapped my hands around his neck and gripped tight as I moved my hips faster. He gasped and gagged for air, his eyes slowly rolling to the back of his head. I would relax my hands and hump him harder, only biting into his skin on his chest, stomach and shoulders to taste his blood even more. I wanted to become one.

I reached down and jerked him off as I thrusted myself into him. Nathan was getting more and more quiet; he'd soon pass out. I could feel my release building up. I wanted to let it out on him.

Within a few more minutes, I came all over Nathan's abdomen and cock. His eyes were half-shut, and his breathing had slowed down. I looked at my work: bites, bruises and blood. The Three B's. I picked Nathan's limp body up and placed him back in his cage. I folded his legs up so he could fit before laying him down.

"What do you say for your Master letting you have his cock?" I purred, trailing my lips against his jawbone. I heard something, but he was in such shock that he couldn't talk right. "You're welcome."

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