"Wait, You're Gay, Too?!"- Let's Make Up!

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Chapter Eighteen~

"You'll see," he walked into our room, and locked the door behind us. He laid me on the bed and crawled over me. "I love you, Nathan," he whispered, his lips gently brushing against mine. I swallowed hard.


"Trust me," he murmured as he kissed my scars on my stomach. "Just relax."

But I was far from relaxing.

Jake's lips kissed along my stomach as his hands eagerly undid my pants and yanked them off. I squeaked, covering my face with my hands. This was too embarrassing... Jake gently hushed me, running his hand up my shirt and touching my nipple. A gasp left my mouth from the surprise. My heart was pounding out of my chest.

"You're okay, Natey," Jake's husky voice whispered, his breath hitting my pelvis and making my hips rise up on instinct. I could feel myself getting hard, and Jake knew it. "Just close your eyes." His forefinger and thumb pinched my nipple teasingly as he ran his tongue against the waistline of my boxers. Jake was going slow... He was teasing me... That wasn't fair! My hands gripped the sheets beneath me as I watched him from under my eyelashes.

Jake's hand slid against my shaft, grabbing me and rubbing slightly. I forgot how to breathe. When Jake tugged at my boxers, he slid it down. I could feel the elastic band going down my butt. Oh god. HE. WAS GOING. TO TASTE. ME!! Jake chuckled.

"You're such a turn on," he growled passionately. "It's so hard to control myself around you.." He breathed in deeply and kissed right above my partner. "Your arousal is so intoxicating... I want more.." He yanked my boxers down. The cold air hit me, goose bumps covering my skin. My hands were shaking as I held the sheets tightly. Y-Yeah.. Just, relax..

Jake's hand gripped onto me, every second was agony as I kept getting harder and harder. In one moment, Jake's mouth slid over it, his tongue running against the underside of it. I covered my mouth with my hands to keep from moaning... I'd probably sound like a girl... Jake's teeth gently grazed me, making my hips buck. He pulled back and stroked me.

"Oh, baby," he chuckled and looked up at me. "I wanna hear you.." His hand rubbed my stomach as he slid all of me into his mouth again. A girlish moan left my lips; my hands shot up above my head and grabbed the headboard of the bed.

"O-Oh m-my god!" I gasped out, my back arching. Jake's mouth sucked me harder. If he sucked me any harder, he'd suck out my soul. Not like I'd mind. Jake's hand left my shaft as it went to my sac. Massaging me and using his tongue was going to be the end of me... I felt something deep in my body click. Every second the pressure got stronger and stronger. I reached down and shakily grabbed a chunk of Jake's hair. "I-I--!" I gasped out, my hips rising further.

"Do it, baby," Jake grunted looking up at me and swirled his tongue over the tip.

"S-Someth-thing's ha-happening!!" I cried out, my chest rising and falling quickly as I struggled for air. Tears filled my eyes as something exploded in my stomach, and I shot straight into Jake's mouth. My head felt dizzy and my whole body wouldn't respond. I felt Jake swallow and he crawled over me, squishing my soft shaft between our hips. I couldn't hear anything for a moment as I came back down to Earth. Jake's seductive chuckle met me.

"Why are you so damn perfect..?" He asked me, gently touching my cheek. "All I wanna do is just hold you and touch you.." He nuzzled me and flicked his tongue over the same place he gave me a hickey. I gasped out, tilting my head so he'd have better access. It was so sensitive and I couldn't get enough. Another girly moan left my lips. Jake laughed again and pulled my boxers back on. "Come here.." He got beside me and spooned. He pulled me close against him. His hands caressed me as he rubbed my stomach.

The pleasure was hard to get over... Soon, I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. I softly whispered something, but I didn't really hear.

"I love you too, Natey.." 

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