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It was eight in the evening and I'd just come back home from work, having managed to get off a couple of hours earlier with the excuse of having to study for an exam.

Normally I wouldn't use my studies as a way to change my shift, but I wasn't in the right mindset to go through an entire shift - not to say that changing my hours a bit was surely a good idea, since Harry wouldn't have been able to know where I was based on my schedule - which was a good thing, considering I really didn't want to talk to him in that moment.

I stopped in front of the door to my apartment and searched my pockets for the key, putting it in the lock as soon as I found it and opening the door. I was about to go inside when I heard someone behind me.


I turned around quickly almost dropping my bag, my heart beating wildly into my chest, taking a deep breath when I realised it was just Harry, and not someone that was actually dangerous.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him, my words resonating in the empty hallway.

"Let's go inside" he said instead of replying, stepping closer to me.

"No-" I tried to say, but was quickly silenced when Harry walked into my apartment, bringing me inside with him by grabbing me by the arm and closing the door before leaning against it, trapping me inside. I sent him a glare, but I knew there was nothing to do at that point. "What do you want?"

"You can't listen to Joel's side and not listen to mine. How's that fair?"

"I'm mad at you, I don't want to talk to you right now" I replied, hoping that he would take the hint and go. It was still too soon to talk about it for me - I needed to take a break and distance myself from everything, and only then I would be able to address the issue and decide what to do next.

"You never will" Harry stated, "you have to listen to me. Then you can think whatever you want, but you have to let me explain."

I rolled my eyes at the words that had left his mouth. "What's there to explain?"

"Stop being so stubborn" he said roughly, and I had to bite the inside of my cheek not to reply with the same tone.

I crossed my arms, not wanting to waste any more time. "Speak, then."

A little silence followed my words and he looked down, seeming to be looking for the right words. "You're right" he then said, "I used you, and I'm sorry."

I raised an eyebrow. Was that really his speech? Did he expect me to forgive him based on that? It was rather disappointing, if that was what it was. "Is that it?"

Harry glared at me. "Let me explain" he said and I sighed, wanting to let him know that I was annoyed by what he'd just done. "I suppose Indigo told you she's the one that brought me into this mess?"


"Good" he said, seeming a bit uneasy, which was weird, because usually he was anything but. "He came to me. Joel" he continued, "he knew... things, about me."

I bit my lower lip, not wanting to let him know I was curious but at the same time wanting to know more about it. "Things? Like what?"

"Who's paying my tuition, for instance."

"How does he know who's paying your tuition?" I asked, frowning. How had he gotten that piece of information? The simple thought of him being able to find out things about other people scared me a little.

"I didn't know at the time" Harry replied, "but then I went to that party, where we met, and I saw Callie and understood."

I furrowed my eyebrows. "You know Callie?"

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