❝ chapter one ❞

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|• Zonnique •|


I felt a water trickled down my leg. I groaned; I hope I didn't just pee on myself. I looked down and saw a pool of water beneath my feet. I gasp. My water broke. I quickly went up to my room and grabbed my bag that I had prepared last week, knowing that the baby would be here real soon.

I live alone, in a small house in LA. So, I didn't have anyone to help me out. I grab my car keys and while I walked towards the door, I started feeling the contractions. The pain was unbearable. I crouched in front of the door as I felt it again. Tears escaped my eyes.

I slowly stood up and walked outside. I painfully got in my car. I drove to the hospital, feeling contractions every five minutes. I couldn't keep see clearly that my eyes were filled with tears. I gripped the steering wheel. The hospital was bit far from I live.

When I got there, they immediately took care of me and they gave me an Epidural to numb down the pain. As I laid there on the hospital bed, I couldn't help but think.

I have absolutely no one.

I'm having Kevin's baby. When I told him about it, he wanted nothing to do with me and fired me from the job right when I was about to quit. Bahja still wants nothing to do with me. I left Boston for LA, running away, you might say.

Chresanto, also known as Roc Royal now, acheived a singing career. He seems happier without me. So, I never bothered going to his concert or his meet and greets. I've never listened to his songs. What's the point?

He's over me.

After about 4 hours, I started feeling pressure

like the baby was about to come out. I called the nurse. She checked to see how many centimeters I was dilated.

"Oh, wow." She smiled. "His head is right there, don't push yet 'cause I don't want to deliver that baby on my own." She chuckled slightly.

She went to call a doctor. When he came, he smiled at me. "You ready to push, Ms. Pullins?"

I let out a shaky breath and wiped my tears before nodding. "I'm ready."


Jayden Taylor David, I named him. He was 6 lbs 4 oz, born December 10 at 2:21 AM. I cut the umbilical cord and they took off the blood from him and gave him to me. Tears fell out of my eyes as he stared at me.

"He's beautiful," The nurse smiled at me. "And you did great."

I nodded. "Thanks."

Later on, they took him to check and make sure he was healthy. I wiped my sweaty forehead. I wish Chresanto was here, supporting and helping me with this baby. Now I doubt we'll ever get back together. I have a child that doesn't even belong to him.


| t h r e e m o n t h s l a t e r |

"So, Roc Royal, we've noticed that your relationship with the young and beautiful, Jessica Parks, have grown stronger. Are y'all together now or what?" The unfamiliar guy that was interviewing him asked.

Chresanto chuckled. "Well It's official. Jessica and I are together. She's a beautiful girl with a great personality, so why not take the shot and try us out?"

The guy smiled widely. "It has been confirmed! Roc Royal and Jessica parks are together and-"

I cut off the TV, feeling a shot of pain and jealousy rush through me. I sighed and got up when Jayden started crying. I went to his nursery room and noticed he woke up from his nap. I smiled amd picked him.

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