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I sighed while setting down my paintbrush. I couldn't get the reflection off the water right. I had come to the park to paint the river. It was my favorite place to go, the kids playing in the background comforted me.

I sat on a small blanket with the easel right next to me. Strawberries sat in a container beside me.

A gasp sounded behind me and I jumped out of my skin. I clutched my chest before chuckling when I saw it was a little boy.

"You painted that?!" He screeched in excitement before rushing to sit next to me. He looked to be about five and was in all red.

"Yea, do you wanna try? I have an extra canvas." I brought out the smaller blank surface and set it up, offering my palette to him.

"Thanks! My names Kace. What should I paint?" His voice was lower than you thought a child's would be. And he was a good looking kid, he'd be a heartbreaker for sure. With his golden brown hair and forest green eyes, he'd have them falling at his feet.

"I'm Esme Toren. It's very nice to meet you Kace," I paused to shake his hand while we giggled. "What would you like to make?"

"...a volcano?"

"Exploding!" I added enthusiastically just to see him smile.

We quickly set out to work, he looked forward most to painting the lava spewing out.

Right as we were about to finish an angry voice sounded far away.

We both looked up to see a large man stomping towards us. Kace bounced up and I followed, sidestepping to block him from the angry man.

Said angry man grew closer and I quickly recognized him as Augustus Bain. I sucked in a breath when I saw the literal God walking my way. He is and always will be the most beautiful person I've ever seen. My thoughts haven't changed since sophomore year, why would they now?

We had never spoken, I don't think he's noticed my existence since I try to stay hidden. He, however, has no problem being seen. Being seen running the school, and having everyone at his beck and call.

I've only seen him this angry when an upperclassman at the time had disrespected him. To say that Augustus won that fight is an understatement. I had to turn away because of the violence.

I tensed when he slowed down, nearing us. Our eyes met and it seemed the anger left his once tense body. A hint of happiness entered my body at the fact that he was now calm.

I glanced down at Kace who was smiling sheepishly at Augustus.

While she looked at Kace, Augustus was staring at her. Why was she here? With his nephew of all people? What did he do to be so blessed to have the girl he'd been fascinated with right here?

"I thought you were staying in the park. I had to take a call from your mom." Augustus huffed while glaring at the little boy.

A smile quirked on my face at Kace's antics.

"But Esme was painting with me! Come on we're almost finished the volcano." Kace bossed while grabbing my hand and tugging me back to the blanket. I chuckled while picking my paintbrush back up I looked back to Augustus.

He looked torn on what to do. My caramel cheeks turned bright pink while I gestured him over. Kace and I sat in front of the easel while Augustus laid behind us, propping himself up on his elbow.

I felt the heat radiating off of him and felt my hands shake. Nerves getting to me, however glancing back at the expectant Kace make me get my cool together. I quickly instructed him on how to paint exactly what he wanted. I sat back when he took control.

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