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*Luna's Pov*

I woke up to my eyes stinging. I grabbed my phone '2:17' we must've fallen asleep pretty early. I was still wearing my clothes from yesterday, and I felt gross. I carefully slid out of Jaden's arms and went to my room to get clothes. When I got back to Jaden's room I made sure he was still asleep. I went to bathroom and turned on the shower and got in. For a bit I was just standing under the water thinking, thinking about everything that happened today, and everything that happened in the past. Thinking about it all just made cry. I couldn't help it, I tried to be as quiet as I could so that I wouldn't wake Jaden. *knock knock* Well I guess it's to late for that..

*Jaden's pov*

I woke up to the shower being turned on. I noticed Luna wasn't in bed so I figured she woke up and got in. I went to knock when I heard her crying. I hesitated at first but I felt like she needed me. *knock knock* "Come in" she said quietly, but loud enough for me to hear it. "Do you wanna talk about it?" I asked. "I mean I guess. Do you want to get in with me?" She asked. "Yeah. Let me go grab some clothes real quick." I said running and grabbing some clothes.

"So what's wrong princess?"

"Honestly.. everything. I was just thinking about everything that happened today and then it lead to me thinking about everything with Jackson. But you're here now so I'm ok"

"Oh and you never told me how you knew Jackson"

"Well he goes to our school. And he's also kinda tik tok famous..."

"Wait. He goes to your school?"


"I don't know why Emily didn't tell me. She knew everything about Jackson. And her family moved when mine did. That's why she goes to your school now. I thought she would tell me something like that" she sighed.

"It's okay babygirl. Let's get out and we can eat ice cream and cuddle. Sound good?"

"Sounds great"

*Luna's Pov*

We got out of the shower and I blow dried my hair and put on my pajamas.

We got out of the shower and I blow dried my hair and put on my pajamas

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Jaden soon came back with the ice cream. We turned on 'Stranger things' We watched a few episodes and ate a bunch of ice cream before we decided to go back to sleep. When we went back to bed it was 5:45. We both quickly fell back asleep.

time skip

When we finally woke up again we decided to stay in bed all day. We watched movies, ate ice cream, and cuddled all day. Our phones were blowing up all day but we decided to text everyone tomorrow.

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