Thirty Four

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A bit late than I promised, but here we go.

NOTE: The game I introduced in this chapter isn't  my own idea. It was a game created by someone else and I just used it here as I played it along with my friends.

I'm sorry, continue reaidng.


'Dear lord! What's with that stupidly long beard look Noah? Ew' I cringed at his sight while we lounged on the balcony.

'It's awful' Ina quipped.

'I second that' Cindy said.

All of us let out a laugh at Noah's bewildered face.

'Excuse me! I come out here after nearly a month and all you guys can do is comment on my beard? Which by the way is awesome'

'No. You just look stupid' I said after a while of consideration.

'I didn't see any complaints when Ace started to grow his beard. Or that the lack of hair on Leo's bald head!' Noah made a face at us.

'Ace can rock with or without beard. That man is a walking breathing Adonis. I bet he could give the greek god a run for his money' Okay. Maybe when Aria said she was making us drinks, I shouldn't have expected anything less than alcohol. Maybe that is why I'm tipsy.

'Leo isn't bald. Its a fashion statement you dork!' Ina showed him the finger.

Aria walked into the area with an other large tray holding different colours of drinks.

'Enough with the jibber jabber. Lets play something as the oh so mighty men of the house decided to put on the pants for the first time in the relationship and forbid us to step out of the house because of some random crap which they wouldn't tell us.' she clapped, letting us know that she wasn't taking a no for an answer.

Usually I was hyperaware of anything which included Aria. That girl invited trouble as an old friend. But this time I didn't care.

Maybe it had to do something with the sudden arrival of Noah after almost a month. Or maybe with the slight buzz of alcohol in me, or else because of the man reason for my throbbing pussy.

Not because of the relentless sex, which actually should've been the reason, but it wasn't. It was because of the lack of touch where it was most needed. I didn't want to touch myself, not like I'd be able to relieve myself even if I tried. I just wanted his touch, his mouth, his growing beard prickling my most intimate parts in the most sensual way. Seeing Ace as a mafia man who eluded power and dominance wherever he walked, had awoken something deep and raw within me.

I was sucker for his warm smiles, corny lines and everything I've known as my CEO. But this Ace, the one who controlled everyone with a mere glance, the one who never spoke much, the one who never asked but only took. I was a goner for him.

I felt the sizzling sensation between us every time we touched, kissed or were in the same room. But lately his business has gotten tough and he had been staying out late a lot.

'What're you waiting for? Epiphany?' I heard someone snap their finger in front of my eyes.

I looked up to see Cindy motioning me to get up.

'Sorry.' With a sheepish smile I stood up and started to walk in.

'You've been zoning out pretty much lately.' she thought out loud.

Humming in answer, 'Its this sexual tension. I cannot take it anymore'

'Did I hear the word sex?' Aria appeared out of nowhere.

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