Rin x reader lemon A night at the club

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You joined true cross academy to become an exorcist and man it was hard. But every now and then you guys would go to a bar (yes i know you guys aren't 21 but in my story 15-16 year olds go to bars). And you guys could bring only one friend so you brought your best friend ivory. She was crazy and perverted yet kind and smart.

This time all out the exorcists successfully defeated three high level demons so Yukio let you guys go to a bar/club.
Reader-Chan's POV
I was sitting with shima drinking a beer when i hear Ivory behind me "so, who are u hooking up with tonight Shima?" She said. Oh god, she was clearly drunk. Before shima could answer she yelled "OH MY GOD!!! Look a pole" she got up on the stage and started pole dancing like A pro, I could have sworn by looks of it, that she had experience. Then she starts striping, now she's down to her bra and underwear and I just ask for another drink.

Then I saw rin, we exchanged hello's then he paid for my drink. By the end of the night we were drunk as hell and none of us had a drivers license so before everyone else left we left. We went back to Rin's building but we were so drunk that we couldn't find his room so we went in to a random one.

Everything was now silent as we looked each other in the eye, all of a sudden, out of nowhere Rin starts kissing me. As he kisses me, my hands travel down his back to his tail and I start to rub it. He then let's out a growl and pins me to the bed. He rips off my clothes and I rip off his so he's only in his boxers and I'm in my bra and underwear. Then Ivory busts in the door. " OMG YOU GUYS ARE ABOUT TO HAVE SEX!!!!!! CAN I WATCH!!!!" Then Shima comes in the room (he's drunk too) "let's go Ivory... lets have a little fun~~~". Shima pulls Ivory out the room.
"Yay!!!!! I wanna have fuuuuuun!!" Ivory yells excitedly

Rin chuckles "now where were we?" Then he brings you In to a passionate kiss. He flips so you are on top and he's on the bottom and takes off your bra. "Your so beautiful" Rin says as he stares at your body. He then takes off ur underwear and flips so that he's on Top and you take off his.

Without warning Rin inserts two fingers in you and starts pumping the in and out. U scream in pain and pleasure. "You still have your V-card, don't you?" He asks. You just reply with a nod. Rin kisses you again. You then run your hands down his body until you feel his manhood and you wrap your hand around it and move it up and down slowly. Rin moans in pleasure.

He stops kissing you and looks you in your eyes with pure lust. You flip him over so that you're on top of him and you insert his "manhood" in to you. You start to ride him like its the last day on earth. Rin grunts while you moan. Your shameless moans are so loud you bet all in Gehenna can hear you. Both of you came at the same time. But that didn't stop Rin.

He realizes your tired and flips you over and starts eating you out. You scream so loud that your ears started to fell fuzzy.

Everything soon started getting blurry. After you came he stopped and laid down next to you.
The last things you heard were him saying "I love you" then you both soon fell asleep.
Time skip
You woke up the next day but didn't see Rin so you got up and put on ur clothes then you heard a knock on the door. You opened the door and saw ivory there. "What happened last night? I can't remember anything. All I know is that I woke up in a room all alone naked."
The only thing you said was "well you had fun" "with who" ivory asked "shima" you answered. Her eyes widened.
Three weeks later
"(Y/n)!" You hear Ivory yell. "Whats wrong" you asked. All she did was hand you a pregnancy test. Your eyes were wide then you laughed "I'll see you on tv when I watch 16 and pregnant."lol
Sorry if it sucked anyways this is for my good friend ivorywolf921

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