Chapter 25

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Luke"s pov

I wake up with Oliver holding me, I like this feeling, but as soon as I wake up the front door swings open shit shit, I try to push Oliver awake " Oliver someone is home we have to snick you out like now" but then I realized that his car is in the driveway shit we are fucked. Oliver wakes up quickly " shit shit my car" before he can talk anymore my bedroom door swings open and see my brothers standing there in shock, " get the fuck out of my brother's bed now," Jacob said before I can say anything Noah is on top of Oliver punching him in the face " get off him he didn't do anything wrong! I ask him to be here!" I scream I grab Noah arm " just stop," I say calmly, he looks at me" all the things he did to you why did you ask him to be here? were you lying to get attention or something"Noah said I look at him in shock? But as I look at him I know he's high and not on weed, " Noah what the fuck" Jacob said "I did not lie there's a big story behind the reason he's here but your high so I will like you yo leave my room right now" I say. He looks at Oliver then back to me " wow you are a fucking slut you fucked him after he raped you? wow, little brother, I didn't think you were that fucked up" Noah said, I can feel the tears running down my face Oliver try's to move him but the way he's sitting he can't move. Jacob walks over and gabs Noah " ok you need to stop and you need to get off him," he says,  " why do I have to? he knows I'm telling the truth and you" he points at me " if you say that I'm using again I'm going to beat the living shit out of you!" he yells at me and with that I know he used today because he gets really mean to me.  And like only goes after me the last time he used he beat me up so bad that my ribs broke.

I'm so mad at him right now," Fuck you! I know you are using and I'm so fucking mad at you right now" I yell at him the next thing I know he punches me in the face. I yell out in pain, the next thing I know Jacob drags him off the bed, the Oliver Jumps up and punches him in the face. I get up quickly and grab Oliver, " do not touch him" Oliver yells " oh your going to talk about touching? I know everything that you have done to him I should fucking kill you!" Noah says as he tries to get free form, Jacob. I step in front of Oliver, and grab Noah " stop now!" I say crying I hate seeing him like this, Jacob started pulling him to the door and out I walk after them to make sure he was out then I slam the door and lock it. I put my back to the door and slid down it, Oliver comes over quickly he gets on hid knees " are you ok let me see" he says grabbing my face " shit your bleeding" he said. He gets up and holds his hand out for me to grab it, I grab it and he helps me up, we walk over to the bathroom and he has me sit on the toilet. He takes out my first aid kit and starts to hold something to my nose," do you remember all the times you would fix me up after the fights you used to get so so mad at me for getting hurt" he said with a small laugh, " yeah I would tell you to stop but you would call me the next night saying that you needed my help" I said with a laugh. We sit there just looking into each other's eyes and I remember all the good things we used to do, " are you in any pain?" he asked and I just shack my head no this was nothing this actually didn't hurt at all.

we walk back out to my room and see it was 6 at night shit how did we sleep that long, well we sat and cuddle for a couple of hours before falling asleep, we sat on the ground and watched some movies. Three movies in I hear a knock on my door, Olive was about to get up to see who it was but I stopped him " I'll go see" I say I get up and go to the door. " who is it?" I say " it's Jacob, umm I have some pizza downstairs if y'all wants some he's passed out in his room so it's safe," he said, " ok we be down soon," I say I hear him walk away from the door. I look back at Oliver " pizza time?" I say with a smile and he just laughs at me, we walk down the stairs and hear the tv on " go get some I'll be right in" I say to Olive and him just nodes his head. I walk in and see Jacob, Owen, and Ashton sitting on the couch, I walk over to Ashton " why the fuck did you give him shit" I say madly " what are you talking about? do you really think I would give him shit? listen I might sell but you know I would never sell to him." He said madly, " then who the fuck did and why did y'all let him," I say as I can feel my self getting upset " come on, one man, we would never do that and you know that," Owen said, " he did it by himself and we are all mad about it, is your nose ok?" Jacob got up to look at my face " yeah it literally didn't even hurt" I say "I think that's a good thing?" he said with a nervous laugh. I let them keep watching their movie, I walk into the kitchen to see Oliver sitting and eating pizza I grab some and sit next to him " who knew that pizza taste so good after getting hit in the face" I said to him, we both started laughing he was about to say something when the lights went out.

I jump and Oliver grabs my hand " it's ok it's the lights just went out we are ok" he said, the boys run into the kitchen " you guys ok?" Jacob said, " yeah we are fine why the hell did the lights turn off?" I say " we have no idea the neighbors have their's" Ashton said. I went to say something when we hear a noise coming from the basement  " oh fuck no" I hear Owen say, " what the actual fuck was that" Oliver said, I move closer to him he puts his arm around me " ok we need to go check and make sure it wasn't Noah doing this" I say we all look over at Ashton " why me I don't want to walk upstairs by my self" he said with a sad voice " just go" we all say at the same time. We hear him walking up the stairs " why are we checking to see it's your brother?" Oliver asked " because he does crazy shit when he's coming down from a high" Jacob said, " he thought one time there were people after us one time he grabs a knife and was going to start stabbing the walls if we didn't stop him," I say " wait what are you doing here again," Owen said I was about to say it wasn't the time for this when we hair two people walking down the stairs oh fuck that means. We all thought the same thing because we all looked over to the basement " oh fuck no" Owen said the next thing I know Ashton and Noah walks into the kitchen " well we are fucked" Oliver said, who the fuck is down be continued

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