Chapter 15 I Wanna Be Okay

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Jessie woke up in the morning to the sunlight that penetrated through the window of their room when Ally drew up the curtain. She stretched her body while still lying on the bed, and cupped her mouth with her right hands as she yawned. She rubbed her eyes as she tried to throw away the feeling of drowsiness that she was still having. She opened her eyes as wide as she could.

"Morning J." Jessie was with a smile by Ally.

"Morning Ally." She sat up and stretch her body again with her hands above her head. She then got up from the bed and made her bed.

Their class was cancel that morning, so they did not have to rush to wake up and take a bath in the shower room which was always full with female students early in the morning.

Lauren already woke up from the sleep before Jessie did, she was just still lying on the bed and scrollimg through her phone. She took a glance at Jessie and raised her eyebrows. "Good morning J."

"Good night, Lauren." Jessie said that sarcastically as Lauren was still lying and had not gotten up yet.

Lauren chuckled as Jessie said that. She then got up from her bed and made her bed too. Then she went to her closet and took the towel that was hung at the hook clothing at the closet door. She then took out a white hoodie and a pair of blue jeans from the closet.

"You wanna take a bath?" Jessie asked.


"Wait, I'm coming with you." Jessie took her stuffs and followed Lauren to the bathroom.

Ally was the first to take a bath among them, she still wrapped her head with a towel to dry them. While waiting for her friends, she put her notes and stuffs for the afternoon class later in ber beg. Her desk was a little bit messy with books all over it. She still had time so she decided to clean up her messy table.

She divided all her notes and quizzes according to subject and chapters as it would be easier for her to find them again when she was studying. She placed her notes on the bookshelf above her desk and started to crumpled up a lot of scribbled papers on her desk to be thrown away later on. She was about to crumple up another paper when she realized it was her blood test result that she was holding. She could have accidentally thrown if she did not see what was in the paper.

Ally took a deep breath and heaved a huge sigh. She stared at the paper for a while before folding it and placed it in between books that were on the bookshelf. She was so careless that almost threw it away. Ally continued cleaning up her table. It looked clean and neat as compared to before.

About 5 minutes after she finished cleaning up her desk, Jessie and Lauren entered the room with dirty clothes their hands. They looked amazed to see how clean Ally's table was.

"Woah, your table looks nice huh." Lauren said as she put her dirty clothes in a basket. She took out a hair dryer from her drawer, plugged it in and started to dry her hair. It was a little bit obstreperous. She only did it for 3 minuted and let it dry by itself as she could not stand the noise.

"Yeah, I had nothing to do, so." Ally lied in her bed, with her hands on her stomach and fingers intertwined. She looked at the ceiling and blinked once in a while, thinking what would have happened if she talked with her parents regarding her status.

"Ally, wanna grab a lunch?" Jessie asked while fixing her hair into a ponytail. She looked at the mirror and apply a light make up to her face and orange lipbalm on her chapped lips.

Seeing Ally did not give a response, Lauren came closer and tickled her sole.

Ally flinced and almost kicked Lauren's face. Lauren widened her eyes, luckily she managed to dodged that.

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