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the next morning, wonwoo was as restless as ever during his early meeting, listening to what's being said but his mind being somewhere else, and thinking of someone else. once the meeting ended, his stomach began to twist and turn at the same time he steps out of the meeting room, reminding hi that today he was going out with mingyu.

possibly on a date. and confessed that he wanted to kiss wonwoo. badly. all these things and feelings were making his head dizzy and confused. it had only been five days since the two started talking and hanging around each other, and they were already going on a date?

a few days ago, mingyu was ranting about how much he hated the elder and how much he annoyed him, and now he was confessing that he wanted to kiss him? it actually scared wonwoo, because of how he was feeling from how mingyu was treating him in the past 24 hours.

wonwoo shook his head to keep himself from thinking so hard that had him dizzy. but that doesn't help when the first thing he saw when he looked up to head to his locker, was mingyu leaning right beside it. his leather jacket was draped over his shoulders with his arms crossed over his chest, sleeves rolled up to reveal his forearms. the latter's hair was messily styled as if he just got out of bed, but he still managed to look good.

the only thing wonwoo could think of was how hot mingyu looked right now. his heart skipped a beat and he gulps, trying to get rid of the lump in his throat.

"good morning." mingyu said as wonwoo shyly approached the locker, putting in the combination in a hurry. he just wanted to calm his beating heart down and face the fact that he was going with kim mingyu, the school's delinquent, on a date. but the latter wasn't making it easy for him.

"good morning." wonwoo muttered, making mingyu smile so wide you could see his canines. he leaned closer to him and grabs wonwoo's waist to prevent him from escaping.

"i didn't hear you." mingyu singsongs, biting his bottom lip to try and conceal his proud smile.

the surrounding and passing by students were looking closely how intimate the two looked right now, whispering things like, what the hell are they doing?, isn't that kim mingyu?, how is wonwoo not dead from his stare yet? and many more rumours that would eventually spread.

"are you ready for today?" mingyu asked.

"should i be worried?" wonwoo asked back, making the younger raise an eyebrow.

"nah." mingyu simply answered, and left.

but of course, he managed to leave a kiss of wonwoo's cheek when the boy was least expecting it. wonwoo was all shades of red when he suddenly felt the gentle lips on his cheek, and he freezes for some time. the only thing that takes him out of the trance is when he hears soonyoung and junhui's voice calling his name, turning around to see them running towards him.

junhui was the first one to pull wonwoo into a tight hug, squealing after what the scene they just witnessed. "how are you not a mushy mess yet?" junhui squealed, shaking wonwoo repeatedly to the point wonwoo was seeing double, laughing out loud.

"dude! stop! you're going to knock him out before he can even go on his date." soonyoung said, stopping junhui from shaking wonwoo so hard. junhui sheepishly said, "sorry... but i can't help it! i'm so excited for you!"

"i swear you're more excited than me, and i'm the one going on the date." wonwoo laughed, readjusting the bag strap on his shoulder. they started walking to their class as the bell rang loudly, indicating that classes are about to start and that time is ticking to go on a date with mingyu.

"i swear to god, mingyu, if you're trying to make me do more rebellious things i-" wonwoo said when he realised he didn't know where mingyu was driving them. mingyu previously asked to borrow seokmin's spare car, thinking it would be nice to drive wonwoo in an actual car and have a different change of space.

that or he wanted to show off he could drive with one hand, and soon hold wonwoo's hand at the same time.

"here we are." mingyu cut him off, stopping abruptly on the empty spot between to cars on the side of the highway.

the two boys got out of the car, and they both look up in front of them. at the sight, wonwoo's eyes wide, and mingyu swore he could see a shooting star inside them when he realised where mingyu took him.

"we're going to the arcade?!" he jumped and clapped his hands excitedly and turned to mingyu, who looked at him with an endearing smile. the younger nodded, making wonwoo even more excited.

wonwoo threw himself on top of mingyu, embracing him in a tight hug. he was that content he didn't even realise he was doing until mingyu hugged him back, placing his hands on wonwoo's back.

"i didn't know you'd get this excited." mingyu teased, making wonwoo take his head from the crook of mingyu's neck to look at him properly.

"i never had the chance to visit one, so i've always wanted to go to an arcade." wonwoo admitted, unconsciously lowering his voice, feeling small. their faces were inches apart, only a few more and they would be kissing right now.

however, as much as mingyu wanted to, he pushes wonwoo back and intertwined his hand with wonwoo's to head to the entrance of the arcade.

good things take time, and what's the fun of a date if the kiss happens when the date hasn't even started yet?

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