Part 1 - Lindys pro

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I was awake all night, I couldn't sleep! I was to excited for Tomorrow and My brother feelt the same. We are having the same room with beds on opposit side. I turned around and Looked at him, His eyes was Wide open, I start talk to him in a wispering voice cause I didn't want our mom to here us, she would freak out if she knew we were awake after midnight but Anyway I asked if he also was excited for Tomorrow and offcorse he said yes and that it's goona be the best days off our whole lifes. it's gonna be so amazing not just cause we will see or mothers home town for the first time ever! He said, I agreed... "I can't belive we are meeting LV". Lucas answered "I know, I mean he is the most amazing Motorcross driver in the whole world, and also the fact that we have Adored him ever since we were like 5, he is or biggest Idol And now we are meeting him in reall life I just can't belive it..." he stoped his sentence and it became quiet in the room, after he had a big look at me he start talk again about how weird it is that I love LV and Motorcross so mutch even if I'm a Girl.
I told him that he shouldn't say that cause it's not my fault I like Motorcross, It's one off my biggest Passions in life, when I grow up I wanna Be a Famous Motorcross driver Exactlly as my big idol LV, I wanna Do races and Do Competitions. I don't know where that passion commes from cause no one in my familly seem to be intressted in it, just me and Lucas, but motorcross is honestlly one of my biggest passions, it's my whole life and I can't live without it!, it will now and forever be in my heart and no one can stop me from following that, It's just in my geenes, it's who i'm!.... I got interuppted As I was talking by Lucas Making some fake snores and pretended to sleep that made me a little irretated at him, but I didn't show it, I was so happy for Tomorrow that Nothing can ruin it, Not even Lucas. After a while off silenc Lucas Finally stoped and Apolegized, offcorse I forgive him, He is my Brother and I love him with all my heart, we always use to play with each other as kids, we talked, speant time toghether, we usually do schoolproject together, We help each other with Homework, we go to movies and gossip you get it we are inseprebal, Lucas is not only my brother, he's my bestfriend now and forever, there havn't gone a day without us hanging out together and we have even made a Sibling motto "If you Only want one off us, you get none off us" I don't know if that really is a motto but it kind off means that if Lucas friends don't wanna hang out with me, Lucas won't hang out with them, and same with me and my friends. The siblling band Is strronger then anything and me and Lucas have really showed it...'s silent in the room again. Me and Lucas looked at each other A while untill he said "it's maybe best if we try sleep cause it's a long amazing day tomorrow", I agreed. Then Lucas turned off the Light again and we went to sleep.

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