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"What are you doing here???" Jin asked, he saw Suho running to him.

"I came here with Jisoo, she told me what happened to Dahyun." Suho answered, Jin chuckled sarcastically and shook his head.

"I told her not to tell anyone about it." Jin muttered.

"Oppa, how's Dahyun???" Jisoo came running.

"She's fine, she's inside with Jungkook."

"Why did she go here? Did you two fought?" Jisoo asked.

Jin took a deep breath and nodded, he lied. He doesn't want them to know what really happened yet.

"Ya—" Jisoo didn't continue what she's about to say when Suho grabbed Jin's collar.

"Is that how you take care of her? I've been hearing a lot about you fighting with Dahyun, do you really want her to die??? When will you stop? Now that her life put again at risk?" Suho said.

"Y-ya, Junmyeon oppa. S-stop, please." Jisoo tried separating them, Jin shook his head and pushed Suho.

"What do you care? Are you her brother? I am not putting her life at risk, don't interfere. You do not have the right to, and I'm sorry. I couldn't be the best brother, our parents died... You can blame me all the way you want." Jin said and entered Dahyun's room.


After a day, Dahyun got better and got discharged from the hospital.

"Oppa, thank you for coming. I know you're busy because you're having your solo debut, I appreciate it a lot." Dahyun thanked Suho.

"I was very worried about you, thank goodness you're okay."

Dahyun nodded.

"Thank you, oppa."

Jin, Dahyun, Jungkook, and Jisoo got into Jin's car. While Suho got into his, they arrived in Seoul.

"Go home, Jungkook. Dahyun will be staying in my house."

"How about JYP, hyung?"

"I'll talk to him, not now. I need to take care of Dahyun."

"Let me take care of her, hyung."

"Go home, let her rest after what happened."

Jin gave Jungkook a ride home.

"We'll see each other at BigHit." Jin said, Jungkook got off.

"Thank you, hyung. Take care." He said and entered his apartment.

It's all a mess, he sighed smelling the liquors he left after he rushed going to Gyeonggi. He knows Dahyun wouldn't talk to him now, he's regretting it all. He couldn't stop his self from crying, he sat on the couch and covered his face with his palms.

Dahyun was pregnant, it is his.

"I'm sorry." He muttered. It's for Dahyun and the baby, he knows it would happen but he acted stupid and showed he's a coward and couldn't fight for it. He's very irresponsible, he hurt Dahyun's feelings, he hurt his baby.

Jungkook stayed in his apartment for days, he's waiting for JYP's statement to confirm if Dahyun will really be withdrawing from TWICE. But instead, BigHit staffs released activities BTS did before their comeback was released to attract the attention of the fans because some of them are bringing up the topic of Jungkook going to Gyeonggi Hospital. BigHit denied it, they made a way on how to shut the news about it.

Jungkook kept messaging Dahyun, he knows she won't be responding from it.


Jin and Jungyeon contacts each other because of Dahyun.

"Sunbae, someone uploaded a video of Dahyun from the accident. Everyone are believing it was her, it's clearly her sunbae. It was after she emailed JYP that she will be leaving TWICE. Sunbae can you tell me what's going on???"

Jin sighed.

"Jungyeon... I'm sorry, I-I can't."

"JYP asked me to call you if he will be speaking about the video, will he confirm it was her? What is she doing in Gyeonggi?"

"Gyeonggi is our province." Jin cleared his throat. Jungyeon, tell him yes... Confirm it was her."

"O-okay, sunbae. Can we visit Dahyun?"

"It's better to let her rest for now."

"Okay, sunbae."

"Thank you, Jungyeon." Jin hang up.

"Why do you always call Jungyeon?" Moonbyul asked.

"She's the only person whom I can talk to in JYP, I can't talk to the CEO directly."

"Of all people? Jungyeon?"

"She's close to Dahyun. She doesn't tell anything about what we're talking about to anyone."

"How sure are you?" Moonbyul asked.

"I'll believe as long as Dahyun will get better, as long as I know everything will be okay to her. Can we please focus on that first? She's my sister, Byul."

Moonbyul nodded. She get her bag and walked going to the main door.


"Let's talk some other time."

"Byul." She got out of his house, Jin sighed and sat on the chair. He turned the TV on.


"CEO J.Y. Park confirmed that TWICE Dahyun got into accident a week ago in Gyeonggi. According to him, Dahyun was on her way home riding a taxi when a truck came it's way to the taxi she's riding. The taxi avoided the truck but it bumped on a different car that caused the real accident and her bleeding. But Dahyun's brother, BTS Jin said she's fine and fans has nothing to worry about. That's why ARMYs saw BTS Jungkook from Gyeonggi Hospital, BigHit denied the issue last week following the continuous releasing of Run BTS and collaboration with a cellphone brand and more that made the news be forgotten by the fans."

"TWICE reportedly will have their comeback on May, according to J.Y. Park and he wants fans to look forward to it, TWICE will resume their activities after Dahyun recovers from the accident."


Jin still worries about Dahyun, she's just staying in her room. He's thankful, Jisoo's there to help him to her. Jin didn't tell her about Dahyun.

"Dahyunnie, get up and eat this delicious dish Jin oppa cooked." Jisoo got inside Dahyun's room carrying a tray of food, Dahyun sat up. "I missed you, you've been here for days not going out of your room. I feel bad for Jin oppa doing household duties."

"I'm sorry you can go back to your dorms and don't worry about me here." Dahyun said.

"No, I am staying here with you." She smiled at Dahyun, she looked confused by her. Does she know that she got pregnant? Is she okay with what happened? Does Jin told her?

"A-are y-you n-not mad at me, eonni?" Dahyun asked stuttering.

"Why would I be mad?" Dahyun looked at her. She doesn't know anything.


"J.Y. Park PD-nim, I'm sorry." Jin took a deep breath.

"I need an answer, Mr. Kim Seokjin. Will Dahyun really be withdrawing? I want to speak to her, I am coming to your house."

"N-no, PD-nim." Jin cleared his throat. "About Dahyun's withdrawal, I think she already made up her mind to leave her group."

"Is that Jinyoung PD-nim?" Jin got startled when he heard that. Jin turned and saw Dahyun, he nodded. "Let me talk to him."

Jin handed her his phone.

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