The Homicidal Maniac

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I want to know if you guys have any questions about the book so far...please comment them here and I'll do my best to answer every one of them!!!

please comment them here and I'll do my best to answer every one of them!!!

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Chapter•Thirty Three

Brooks had snuck out early this morning to go home and get changed for school, much to my dismay. He had promised to pick me up for school only thirty minutes later, but I hated being in this house alone with Bill.

I had decided last night that my parents were dead to me. They were selfish bastards that had no genuine care or love for me, and I would rather go back to being an orphan than accepting them as parents.

Rummaging through a box of 'donated' clothes, that Mr. Cameron so graciously left for me, I find nothing but mismatched pants and shirts.

Sighing in defeat, I pick a pair of old jeans and a random top that had the least amount of stains.

Looking in the dusty mirror on the moldy wall, I take in my appearance.

My eyes seemed brighter than usual, and my hips had filled out from eating so well at Brooks' house. My dark hair had grown out, now touching the top of my rib cage.

I looked different, and I felt different.

My hands trace Brooks' mark on my neck, and a shiver goes down my back. Relief and calmness flooded through my veins, and I felt a little more refreshed for the day.

Come outside Brook's voice echoes in my head, making me grin to myself.

I grab my school backpack, that hadn't been touched in weeks, and dart out of the room quickly.

I keep my head down, moving through the trashy house quietly. My feet were only meters from the front door, when I was stopped.

"Not so fast." A gruff voice calls from behind me.

With wide eyes, my entire body freezes at the sound.

"Turn around, you disrespectful slut." Bill spits at me like I was scum.

Slowly, I move my body to face him. My fists clench tightly by my sides, as I raise my chin and look him square in the eyes.

He wore only a robe that was loosely tied, showing off his round belly.

I hold back a gag at his stained boxers.

"You're under my roof, and that means it's time to show me some thanks." He smirks, placing his hands on his hips.

My lip curls subconsciously at his words that most definitely meant something vile.

"I'll make you a card." I say sarcastically, rolling my eyes at the fat man.

His beady eyes narrow, and he begins to stock towards me.

"I'm thinking something more...personal." His lips pull back to reveal rotting teeth.

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