8 ~ The Rock Show

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Title Credit: Blink 182


-3 days until show-

"So fuck you and your apathy,
I'm better off alone!
You been lying all along,
I should have fucking known!" Jordan leaned forward as his pushed himself. He stoped for a water break as I took over clean vocals for the chorus. We've been practicing for five hours now.

-2 days until show-

"They're here!" I cheered, raising the box above my head. "They're here!"

"What is?" Jess asked, taking the box from me. "What'd you get that's so small?"

I tore the box open and revealed a few bags full of some red some purple and most black picks. I had a wolf design printed on them with our band name on the other side. It didn't even cost that much.

"I'm gonna go drop some of these off at Leo's cause he paid for half, then I'm coming back to get ready for practice, m'kay?" I grabbed my coat.

"M'kay! Stealing one of these to make into a necklace! I'm also calling a sound guy I know to help with the show though okay now go!" She shoed me out the door.

-1 day before the show-

"OH MY GOD I CANT DO THIS," I tangled my hands in my hair. "This is too much! I can't- I'm not ready!"

"Maddie! It's okay, we're all scared. But you are so talented, you're going to do great!" Jordan held my hands. "it's late, let's quit practice a little early tonight and have fun."


"aaand..." Leo watched the timer on his phone. "3... 2... 1. 20 minutes. It should be all good."

Jordan unwrapped the towel and stared at his pitch-black hair in the mirror. Ronnie smiled and rubbed his head, us all cheering.

"Guys, it's been a hectic week. But this is meant to be, I can feel it." he held up his beer. "to the band."

We all raised out drinks and smiled. "to us."

-day of the show-

Alex's POV:

Only a few shows into tour, and it's a huge success I can tell. I'm still smiling while scrolling through Twitter 15 minutes after getting off stage. Nothing can ruin my mood.


@MaddieBTK: hanging backstage with the cool dudes from @crowntheempire ! Pumped! [instagram photo]

@MarrissaHoover: @maddiebtk is Brandon as cute in person?

@MaddieBTK: @marrissahoover def c;


Okay, that might have done it. What is she doing, hanging out with guys, calling them cute?

Who even is Crown The Empire?


Maddie's POV:

"This is Crown The Empire." I whisper to myself. "I'm hanging out with Crown The Empire."

"That is our name." Dave whispers into my ear.

I laugh, embarrassed. "you heard that?"

"Yeah, it's okay. Fangirl moment?" he chuckled.

"A little bit of one."

"Burn The King," the stage director reads off of his clipboard carefully before looking up. "you're up in 10 minutes."

We all stand and go to our set up area where we have our equipment. We get our instruments on and a few things are explained to us quickly. Before we go on Jordan gives us each a high five and suddenly, I'm scared shitless.

I had, to some extent, forgotten this was real. Now I feel like I'm back in high school, giving a presentation. But I'm also excited. I've dreamt about this for years. Now all of the sudden, it's happening.

"Maddie?" Leo laced his hand in mine. "It's time. Ready?"

I blew air out of my nose. "Not really. Lets fuck shit up."

"That's the spirit. Lights just went down. Lets go."


@MaddieBTK: thanks all the friends and fans that made it to the show tonight...

@MaddieBTK: and to @crowntheempire for totally upstaging us.

@MaddieBTK: and all of our supporters. Love you guys


a/n: only like one person asked for the sexualities but I felt like doing them

Maddie: straight
Alex: pansexual
Jordan: bi-curious
Ronnie: gay
Leo: straight
Chris: asexual
Jess: straight
Jack: bisexual (closeted)
Vic: gay (closeted)
Jaime: gay af
Dave (Escamilla): straight
Brandon (Hoover): bisexual
Benn (Suede): probably gay (closeted)
Future Character: demisexual

rest are assumed to be straight until proven otherwise

if I put them in they'll be important at some point I'll probably add some

(also does anyone know how to add cast on mobile?? I have people in mind but um)

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