Innocent (Sat: Sam x Cat)

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(Hey guys! Thank you to _Kim_Haru_ for suggesting this. I also wanna say this is like such a cute ship)

Sam and Cat had just finishing babysitting. Well Cat babysat while Sam used the diapers to polish her motorcycle.

"You know, Sam you could have used rags to polish the motorcycle instead of baby Tim's diapers" Cat said as she walked out on the patio.

"Yeah, but rags scratch up my motorcycle these are smooth" Sam informed. They sat in a comfortable silence. Sam and Cat had been dating for a year and they still hadn't gone to the next level if you know what I mean. Sam was afraid to because of how innocent Cat was and she didn't want to scare or hurt her. Tonight though might be the night.

Sam connected their lips. Cat giggled and kissed back. They kissed until they had to pull away for breath. Sam held her hand and they walked to their shared room. Sam connected their lips once again. It was a soft loving kiss.

"Cat, if you don't wanna do this we don't have to" Sam said wanting to be sure her sweet Cat was happy.

"Do what?" Cat asked with an innocent smile. Sam sighed. She loved her, but man was she ditzy. Sam whispered it in her ear. Cat gasped, but then nodded.

"Are you sure?" Sam asked. Cat nodded. "Okay" Sam softly kissed her neck leaving love bite. Sam took off her leather jacket and T-shirt. Sam picked Cat up bridal style and lied her on Sam's bed. They kissed once again while Sam took off Cat's skirt and shirt. Sam kissed Cat's chest a quiet moan escaping Cat's lips.

Sam took her jeans and bra off. Also removing Cat's bra. She sucked on her left breast while massaging the other one. Moans were falling out of Cat's lips. Sam took her and Cat's underwear off. She softly rubbed Cat's clit causing Cat to whimper.

"Are you okay?" Sam asked immediately stopping.

"Yes" Cat answered.

"Are you sure you wanna do this? Because if you don't we can stop right now I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable or upset" Sam said. Cat nodded for her to continue. Sam rubbed her clit getting faster but still making sure to be careful. She slowly stuck a finger in her and waited for her to tell her she was adjusted.

Once she got the signal she started to slowly pump in and out of Cat. She added another finger with Cat's permission. She pumped in and out Cat's moans getting louder. Soon the bed was shaking and Cat came on Sam's fingers. Sam licked up Cat's juices and lied down next her.They snuggled together before Cat pulled out a chicken leg.

"Sam... Why is there a chicken leg on your bed?" Cat asked.

"THATS WHERE IT WENT" Sam said as she took the chicken and started eating it. Cat giggled and fell asleep next to Sam.

(Okay kind of short but hope you liked it)

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