Covid-19; the quick and simple things we know about it.

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The Cliffnotes:
- Covid-19 is a virus. It replicate in the sinuses and throat first, and can eventually work into the lungs.
- It has an incubation period of up to two weeks. So someone infected could be able to transmit the disease for that entire time before they develop symptoms.
- This pandemic is particularly dangerous for people with compromised immune systems, or the elderly (60+).

There's been a lot of misinformation about this virus. A fantastic fuckton, frankly. When it comes to the things you should know, best to stick with your government's health and public safety bureau, like the CDC in the United States or it's equivalent body wherever you live. Alternatively, a news organization with a history and reputation for decent journalism.

I'll collect what I can verify, and pass it on here. But this isn't a proper substitute for getting the pertinent facts.

Covid-19 is a virus, which means it spreads by hijacking your body's cells and turning them into tiny factories to replicate itself. And it spreads by collecting in your bodily fluids, particularly mucous and saliva, and hitching a ride wherever it goes.

So the water vapour from your breathing, the minute traces of saliva sprayed when you talk, the water and mucous of a sneeze or cough, all of it could contain this virus, and you wouldn't know for two weeks.

The virus has an incubation period of up to twelve days. Basically, this means the virus could be replicating in you, probably in your sinuses or throat at first, and you could be able to spread the virus for up to twelve days before you start getting symptoms.


That last bit is important. It's the reason all the social isolation is happening. It's also what makes Covid-19 such a nuisance to pin down.

Now, the symptoms are pretty straightforward. Cough, fever, difficulty breathing, pneumonia. As far as I can tell, this is because the Covid-19 virus doesn't like temperatures in excess of 27 Celsius. Which means it doesn't do well at all inside your body. But because you have to breathe, your airways and lungs are often a fair bit cooler than your internal body temperature. Hence, these specific symptoms.

Basically, Covid-19 will not cause gastrointestinal difficulties.

Now, that being said, the fatality rate of this virus is both good and bad. The good news is that as long as you're young and healthy, you'll probably be fine if you catch it. The bad news is that if you are older, like over sixty, or if your immune system is compromised, it is substantially more dangerous. Especially since it attacks your airway and breathing, which for anyone who's ever taken a first aid course, those are the two most important things for life.

This virus is lined with a lipid membrane. Lipids are basically fat. And fat is soap soluble. So soap will kill this motherfucker.

The virus does not survive a trip in your digestive system. Between the warmer temperature and your stomach acid, it just gets murdered. So drinking water could potentially flush the virus down into your digestive system.

There is no vaccine currently. I'll bet you a hundred dollars to a penny that it's being worked on, but it isn't ready yet. The flu vaccine will not immunize you from Covid-19, that's why they call it the flu vaccine. That being said, the flu vaccine won't make catching this virus more likely, either. Antibiotics won't do anything to the virus.

As far as anyone knows, this virus isn't endemic. Which means you shouldn't be able to catch it more than once.

Now, here's the only health advice that professionals have been giving:

-stay rested, hydrated, and stay away from other people.
-if you have symptoms of a Covid-19, do not keep it to yourself. Well, keep the virus to yourself, but call your country's health hotline. Follow their advice. You may get tested, but regardless, tell people that you've been in contact with, so they know to take steps.
-hospitals are probably overworked, so if you aren't having any difficulty breathing, best to just get plenty of rest. If you are having difficulty breathing, that's really serious. Call ahead, and go to a hospital.

This is what you're facing right now. It's serious, but you'll make it through. Just be careful, and follow the advice your emergency medical authorities are giving.

As usual, Wattpad's here if you need to decompress. As am I. Let me know if I can do something useful.

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