Chapter 2: Exploration

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Author's note: Just so you know, this is after BOO, so there may be spoilers.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the plot.

We decided to look around and explore for a while after unpacking when something caught my eye. There was a group of teenage girls just giggling. I know what your going to say, no I'm not going to cheat on Annabeth. There was something suspicious about these girls that just got my attention. It looked like they were trying to act normal on purpose. I got everyone else's attention.

"Hey guys, hasn't that group of girls been following us since we got out of the hotel?"

Just as we got out, Mr. Soloman gave us out assignment. We were going to be in groups of three and bring one of our target's objects back. Bex, Macey and I got assigned a boy with tousled hair, muscular arms, and strangely smelt like the ocean. "Probably just your imagination," I chided myself.

We followed them a few blocks pretending like normal tourist girls. When he looked at us, it looked like he knew we were onto us. I pulled our little group over to the corner. "Guys, I think he's onto us, we need to act fast. Anyways it's already been 30 minutes."

"Let's go over to that restaurant an see if they still fallow us," said Annabeth in Ancient Greek. None of us disagreed (mostly because no one wanted to fight an angry daughter of Athena) and we stopped over at the nearest cafe.

"I wanna see if they have and dam blue cookies," Percy say with a smile. Annabeth, Thalia, and him laugh at that, but stop when they see the rest of our expressions.

"You see, on a quest one time to rescue Artemis. We stopped off at Hoover Dam for some dam snacks," explained Thalia. I chuckle at the thought of that. "Zoe never understood," she whispered after that wiping away a tear. Oh, now I remember. When I first got to CHB, Annabeth told me about that adventure of how Zoe Nightshade died and she held up the sky.

Suddenly, a teen that could pass as a Aphrodite girl stopped in front of us. She wore a I'm-famous-and-I-know-it smile and I immediately reconizes her as Macey McHenry, senator's daughter, most likely here for a business trip. "You're Americans right?" She asked
"Yes, why?"
"Be sure to vote for McHenry," she said with a million dollar smile and flounced away. Geez, that girl needs to drop a pound or two in make up.

Then, I hear a "Hey!" from Percy. Another one of the girls I saw with Macey was trying to take Riptide, but obviously failed. In the blink of an eye, the girl was pinned down and had the uncapped Riptide to her throat.

"Why we're you trying to take my... pen?" Asked Percy.
"Nothing, just this," the girl replied with a slight British accent and judo flipped Percy. "That's weird, I thought she was with a group of tourists," I thought. If he wasn't a demigod, he wouldn't have reacted fast enough, but he is so her twisted her arm in midair and thrust her sword into her leg.

Well I would've thought he was bloody brilliant my head wasn't hurting so much. The subject stuck his sword at me, but I felt nothing. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a flash of blond curls and stormy grey eyes.
"Bex, Cammie, Macey?" What are you doing here and where's Liz?" She asked. I gasped at realization. It was Annabeth, Liz's half sister!

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