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(⚠️Warning- mentions of self harm, suicide, and rape. If you think this could trigger you skip over the sections that have '⚠️' around it!! It also mentions some abuse!⚠️)

Recap- About an hour into shopping and walking around someone yelled my name "Luna" the voice yelled. It sounded familiar. That's when I turned around to see..

*Jaden's Pov*

We were just walking around the mall when someone yelled Luna's name "Luna!" The voice yelled. It sounds really familiar. We all turned around to see Jackson. How did he know her?

*Luna's Pov*

"Luna" the voice yelled. It sounded familiar, too familiar. We all turn around to see Jackson. Fuck. I grab Jaden's hand and squeeze it. He looks at me "Are you ok?" He whispers in my ear. I just shake my head no. He's walking towards us. They all say hey to him like they know him. Do they know him? "How are you doing?" He asks me. I just start backing up. Not here. Not now.

I'm still holding Jaden's hand so he turns to face me, to where he's standing in front of Jackson. "What's wrong" he asks obviously worried. "He's my ex. I'll explain it later, but for now I need to get away from him" I said shaking my head. "Hey guys, me and Luna are gonna head home. We'll text you later"

We started walking off but before we could get anywhere Jackson started talking. "Do you guys live together?" He scoffed. I just turned around and stared at him. I tried to hold back the tears the best I could. I just turned back around and grabbed Jaden's hand. We started walking off again "Are you guys dating?" Jackson said, but loud enough to get dirty looks from the people walking by. There was anger I his voice, I knew what he could do when he was angry.

I didn't stop, I just kept walking. "Are you fucking dating?" He practically screamed. I flinched when hearing him yell. Everyone was staring at us. I hate that he was doing this, especially right now. I was scared, I didn't move. I could hear his footsteps approaching us. At this point I was crying. The tears streamed down my face, one after another. I was scared. I just shook my head yes, still not facing him. "You've got to be kidding me. Of course you'd get with Jaden" I turned around when he said Jaden's name. "You know Jaden?" I asked confused. "Yes, I know everyone you're here with." He said with a devilish smile.

I tried to turn around to leave, but Jackson grabbed my wrist. It didn't hurt... at first. "Jackson let go of me" I demanded. After I said that his grip got tighter "Let go of me" I whimpered as I started crying even more. "Let go of her." Jaden said trying get his hand off my wrist. He finally let me go. The second he let go of my wrist I grabbed Jaden's hand and walked off. Jackson tried to say something again but I couldn't hear him.

Once we got to the car I started hyperventilating. My vision started to get blurry, and I got really sweaty. "Luna" "Luna are you ok?" I hear Jaden say. I could barley hear what he was saying. At this point I could barley breath. When all of the sudden everything went black.

*Jaden's Pov*

"Luna" "Luna are you okay?" I asked her. She was obviously hyperventilating. I didn't exactly know what was happening, I think she's having a panic attack. It looked like she could barley breathe. I didn't know what to do, just then she passed out. I had no idea what to do. I decided to just drive her to a hospital.

The hospital was only a few minutes away from the mall. When we got there she was still out. I picked her up and carried her inside. I got to the front desk and the lady asked what was happening. "We were at the mall and we ran into her ex and she started crying and he grabbed her wrist really hard and then we left and when we got into the car she started hyperventilating and she was acting weird and then she passed out. I didn't know what to do so I just brought her here." I said quickly, in the verge of tears. "Ok follow me" she said leading me to a room. I put her down and a nurse came in and hooked her up to some machines.

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