Chapter 2

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I have to stay home from school because I may be in danger, yes, not the danger part the part where I don't have to go to school! I walked upstairs and slammed my door pretending to be upset when in reality I am thankful. My mother still had to go to work so I would be home all alone, how was that safe?

I curled up into my warm bed with polka-dot covers. My knees nearly hit my chest as my head fell onto my pillow. Even though the day was only half over I was exausted, it was strange that I seemed not to care I was being tracked down or something. My eyes started blinking, more than comfortable then one time they just glued shut.

A white room surrounded me, only one plant and one bed. A tiny bathroom that was uncovered. One single room, there was this man that kidnapped me. I couldn't fight back I think I was drugged. He would slip food in on this tiny door I never could find. I was trapped. Screaming for help was no use since my voice is gone forever. Then finally he let me out, but stuck something in my arm...

Then I heard the annoying sound of Katy Perry Teenage dream, I love that song though its just she was the one to wake me up. I am not a morning person, yet I was relieved to know I wasn't in that white room. I rarely have dreams and when I do they are rarely scary like that. Maybe the fact I could be in danger was flipping me out.  

I walked downstairs hoping to find my mom all I found was a measly letter reading, '

Dear Autumn I had to leave for work, all the windows and everthing are locked DO NOT leave the house, I am scared so text me every five minutes alright baby girl? Love mom' I sighed she clearly believed that someone was after me.  

I got myself some ramen since I was too lazy to make other food, I was slurping up the noodles when I heard, well it sounded like glass break. I jumped and spilled the hot noodles all over myself. I ignored it though and followed where I heard the noise, I came to find out it was just my cat, Twinkle. That filthy animal broke the vase I made my mom two years ago.

I carried myself back in my fluffy pink and grey slippers. I picked up the mess that I made jumping like a moron hearing the glass. Then I walked out into the living room turning the Television on to channel fifty eight to watch Law And Order Special Victims Unit, my favorite show. My eyes followed the motion, the show just starded and it showed how a mystery man murdered a young girl after aggressivley raping her. I am glad that, that wasn't me.

Thud, Thud, Thud, were the noises that filled my ears in the direction of the kitchen. My eyes shot open and I stood to my feet. Moving over slowly. I was startled and afraid, I hid on the wall that was hiding the kitchen from anyone in the living room. I heard heavy breathing. I was hesitating if I should go or not, then another thud exploded but it was in a different direction the way of my room. Now my heart was pounding out of my chest..

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