Chapter 6

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It is early morning when Izuku arrives at the restaurant. It is still closed as he expects a new delivery of ingredients. It doesn't take long for the supplier to arrive. Izuku signs the delivery note and arranges the groceries in their place. After that Izuku stretches and looks out at the sea.

Izuku: Only one thing is missing.

He pulls out a bag and a cool box from the storage room. He opens the bag and pulls a fishing rod out of it.

Izuku: Time to catch some fish.

He leaves the restaurant and goes to the next possible jetty. There is a small red boat in the water with a figurehead that looks like a lion's head.

Izuku looks at the boat and smiles.

Izuku: Well king of red lions, let's hope we catch some good fish.

Izuku sets the sail and goes out to sea, he is always impressed that this small boat is so fast.

Izuku: I still can't believe someone was going to throw you away, all you needed was care. Now you are as good as new.

Izuku sails out a little further and then drops the anchor. He takes out his fishing rod and starts fishing. After about an hour, Izuku has already caught 20 fish. He is about to pull the cord in when someone appears out of nowhere and startles Izuku.

Izuku: What the?!

The person who appeared has the appearance of a seal with a gray beard. Izuku knows it's the Pro Hero Selkie, but he was scared anyway. He is currently holding his chest and trying to control his breathing.

Selkie: Hello, young man.

Izuku: Hello to you too, isn't a hero's job to protect people and not give them a heart attack?!

Selkie scratches the back of his head and smiles sheepishly.

Selkie: I'm sorry, I didn't want that.

Izuku sighs and waves him off.

Izuku: It's okay, how can I help?

Selkie: I just wanted to ask what you are doing, for a young boy like you, it is unusual to be so far out here.

Izuku shows his fishing rod.

Izuku: I just fished, good catch, caught 20 fish today.

Selkie: 20? Why do you need so much?

Izuku: I have a small restaurant at the Dagobah Beach.

Selkie closes his eyes and nods.

Selkie: Mhh, self-catering, I understand. I wish you the best of luck, I will not stop you any further.

Izuku: Thank you Selkie-san. If you don't mind, I would be happy if you drop by.

Selkie: I accept the offer with thanks. Have a nice day.

Izuku: You too.

Selkie swims away and Izuku sails back.

Izuku: What an interesting hero. Well back to work!

To be continued.

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