Chapter Six

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Chapter Six


            When Kate awoke the next morning, she felt comfortable and warm. She was used to feeling so cold when she woke up in the cave that the warmth was a nice change. She noticed that there was a body behind her, but didn’t quite remember what happened. Leaning up, she saw that Leia’s bed was empty. She must have gotten up, and went out to the common room, she thought. Her eyes moved over at what was supposed to Jim’s bed finding it empty as well. Okay, maybe he took her out, she wondered. Well, if Jim took Leia, who’s in bed with me?

            Someone groaned next to her. “It’s too early for you to be thinking about anything, Kate. Go back to sleep,” said a gravelly voice.

            She looked back over her shoulder and saw Jim’s blue eyes squinting at her. All of the memories came rushing back to her.

            The talk that they had had the morning before in sickbay.

            The dinner together with their friends.

            Their kiss.

            Oh my God, the Kiss. She blushed at the thought.

            And then the nightmare that had her gasping for breath, seeking out comfort in Jim’s arms.

            Jim turned Kate onto her back before settling himself over her. “How do you feel?” he asked, concern showing in his eyes.

            “I’m okay,” Kate replied. “I’ve got a little headache, probably from crying, but other than that, I feel pretty good.”

            “Good,” Jim smiled. “I guess that means that I can do this.” He lowered his head, kissing her lips softly. Kate felt him hesitate slightly before he deepened the kiss, as if he wasn’t sure if she was ready for such affections yet. She hummed in the back of her throat reassuringly, giving him the answer he needed without any words. She felt his breath tickle her lips as he whispered, “Good morning, my beautiful girlfriend.”

            She grinned, wrapped her arms around his neck, and pulled his head down so she could brush her lips against his. “Good morning my handsome boyfriend,” she whispered back. She closed her eyes with a small giggle.

            “What?” he asked, quirking his eyebrow.

            She smiled at him. “I just never thought that I would be able to say that. I have a boyfriend. Holy crap. That just blows my mind.” She laughed again.

            Jim smiled as he moved off of her. He pulled her close to him and she settled her head on his chest. “I know it’s a pretty cool feeling.”

            She lifted her head to look directly at him. “Do you know what happened to Leia?” she asked.

            “Yeah, Em woke me when they came and got her and took her down to breakfast.”

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