Which are Best White Label Crypto Exchange Software Providers?

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White label crypto exchange software is an online platform that builds a connection between traders (buyers and sellers) of cryptocurrencies

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White label crypto exchange software is an online platform that builds a connection between traders (buyers and sellers) of cryptocurrencies. It allows traders to exchange crypto coins with others based on their current market value. To make use of cryptocurrency exchange software, the companies which deal in the crypto exchange are not required to build their software. There are several white label crypto exchange software providers available in the market. They can buy the best one according to their business requirements.

The White Label Crypto Exchange software provides a higher level of customization based on your business prospects and aesthetics. You can create a unique identity with the insertion of the brand logo, colour scheme and other modifications that stands out your company in the crowd. These are tried and tested software products adaptive to unlimited change and customization. You are not required to waste your time and technical resources to oversee and review the software.

There are some other benefits of using cryptocurrency exchange software, let's have a look.

Advantages of Using White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange


The White label crypto exchange software provides users with the wallet address that do not require verification. It helps them maintain anonymity. On the other hand, the software allows them to regenerate wallet addresses whenever required. That's how they can easily keep their identity private until they do not want to disclose it.

24/7 Availability

Using cryptocurrency exchange software, traders can exchange their cryptocurrency whenever they want to. There is no time boundation as it provides crypto exchange facility 24 hours, seven days of the week.


The cryptocurrency exchange software offers a decentralized platform for financial transactions that is completely different from traditional financial transactions. It not only ends up fear of manipulation in the transaction but also speeds up transaction processing in the absence of a middleman.

Top White Label Crypto Exchange Software Providers


Coinsquare is a crypto exchange software platform from Canada which is dedicated to offering top-notch security and user experience. It provides users with integrated KYC and payment processors for easier and faster user verifications. Also, they can access customized style guides to innovate platforms with the inclusion of multiple languages and currencies. The software buyers get support from a licencing team for product launching and better hold on the market. Coinsquare has a deep liquidity pool which helps in obtaining liquidity from a particular source. For any query and issue with the administrative portal, the software provider offers support with the help of a dedicated team.


Hailing from New York, the Shift Markets is a clear winner when it comes to their state of the art services. There are plenty of services for the buyers which contain a flexible and secure wallet infrastructure. Also, they managed to step forward in cryptocurrency exchange with the provided modern user interface and a well-built order and risk management system. The Shift Markets develops a multi trading platform for its buyers which comes featured with integrated cold storage wallets.

skalex GmbH:

skalex GmbH is a German-based White Label Crypto Exchange solutions provider. It is majorly focused on Bitcoin exchanges but it supports the exchange of several well-known cryptocurrencies as well. skalex GmbH offers an apparent, honest and upfront pricing that is further improved with its flexible microservice approach. Its operational efficiency increases the buyer experience to the next level.


The cryptocurrency exchange software from Ibinex lets buyers easily customize platforms according to their business requirements. It is user-friendly and offers liquidity and OTC based solutions for delivery and leveraged trading. Ibinex also supports mobile apps software with detailed back-end service.

The NineHertz:

NineHertz is the leading web and mobile app development company in the world. It has a strong presence in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Dubai and India. Within a time duration of 11 years, the company has achieved a lot. It has completed more than 1750 projects and successfully delivered to its 450+ clients in more than 15 countries. The company offers web and app development service in numerous technologies PHP, Magneto, Drupal, Zoomla, NodeJS, AngularJS, Laravel and others. Also, the company works on Blockchain development and produces White Label Crypto Exchange solutions to increase the operational efficiency of crypto exchange business. The company provides onsite and offsite developers for any development regarding requirements.


IWando is a popular name in the domain registration and cloud solutions arena. As a White Label Crypto Exchange solution provider, IWando offers a plethora of services to assist buyers' crypto exchange business. It offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface along with the facility of live demo and transparent pricing for trading pair packages.


In the Crypto world, Prolitus is a popular name for offering White Label Crypto Exchange software and other cutting-edge technologies to boost businesses performance. The cryptocurrency exchange software from Prolitus comes with integrated wallets and payment gateway containing advanced and basic KYC modules. It offers both centralized and decentralized platforms. The businesses get an option of linking white label crypto exchange software to Data Analytics platforms. The analytical dashboard is an added feature that comes with the software.


BlockEx is a popular name in the field of Blockchain. It manages the entire lifecycle of Blockchain-based digital assets from issuance, origination, settlement to exchange and redemption. BlockEx handles every step with the utmost expertise. It offers facilities like Brokerage software, digital asset creation tool, exchange, clearing, settlement and registry. Also, it boasts HFT and provides API FIX and ITCH protocols for institutional connectivity.


Espay offers a feature enriched White Label Crypto Exchange solution for organizations willing to set up a successful cryptocurrency exchange. It's Crypto Exchange software includes several digital assets like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Litecoin, Ethereum. Also, it lets buyers have an eye over their customers' accounts in the real-time scenario.


UpTrader offers White Label Crypto Exchange solutions along with a wide range of third plus products to support businesses in the FinTech sector. The provided range of services from UpTrader let buyers have access over MT4 and several other trading instruments. Buyers can add popular currency pairs and CFD shares to the crypto exchange software just by making a customization request. UpTrader comes with A-Book and B-Book business models. Also, it produces software that allows the launch of binary options.


So these are the top-notch White Label Crypto Exchange solution providers in the world. You can consult anyone of them to develop a customized cryptocurrency exchange software to boost up your cryptocurrency business.

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