Chapter 5 - Dalia

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The return to civilization was an easy task. Even with the traffic, Nathan's driver still managed to evaded all congestion and rolled into the garage of his penthouse with fifteen minutes to spare.

The penthouse was built of bricks. Red bricks like those used for alley walls. It rose to twenty-eight stories of hallways, rooms, stairways and airlifts, all owned by the Baine family.

As the car rolled to a stop at the round-about, Nathan noticed a distinctive feminine figure at the top of the front steps. With an above average height and ridiculously high heels, he recognised it as none other Dalia Harrington.

A go-getter and a very competitive gal, Dalia had the tendency to soak up the spotlight where ever she went. Of course, dressing like she usually did helped nothing of the situation. Which brought Nathan back to his next thought. Why had she paraded herself around on the television with a man who was neither her spouse nor beau?

It was unbecoming to present herself in such a way and as he had foreseen his parent did not take well to it. Nathan himself had been disappointed by her actions and it left a dent in his forseeable future with her.

His parents were strict after all and though they couldn't pick his companions they wouldn't tolerate anyone disrespecting their family and their name.

So Nathan was given an ultimatum. Seize his relationship with the young woman or give up all he has worked for. Though it seemed like Nathan was a throw-over, he was a hard worker and also respected his namesake.

As much as he would have like to work out the problems he had with Dalia, it would be turbulent with his parents like hounds at his heels about her so he had made up his mind.

The door was opened for him and he exited with his briefcase in tow making his way towards the hall. Dalia urged towards him a plastic smile on her face.

"Hello darling, how was your Vacation. I've missed you while you were away." She snaked her slender arms around his shoulders pulling him into her form. She leant into him ready to kiss him by way of greeting only to be cut short when he pulled away.

"Dalia," Nathan began, careful to stay some distance away. "I can no long entertain you whims and fancies, as can I your company. Please do not visit any more, it is ill-advised."

"You can not be serious. Nate it's me, your muffin."

"Please desist from coming on the premises or I will have my guards see you out. Goodbye Dalia." Nathan snapped his finger and within seconds a guard was at her side holding her arm.

Dalia stood with a dumbfounded expression on her slender form unwilling.

"Ma'am, please comply or I will have no choice but to forcefully remove you from the premises." Allen, one of Nathan's loyal guards warned.

She tore her arm from his grasp and spun on her heel wobbling out the way she came. The gravel surface crunching and pitching up in all directions in protest.

Seeing that she was no longer on the premises Nathan tipped his head in Allen's direction in way of acknowledgement before he in turn tipped his.

Nathan then turned and walked into the building, passing the receptionist at her desk. She offered a smile and verbal greeting to him as he made his way by her to the elevator. Jef, his bodyguard appeared accompanying him inside.


At the door to his suite, Nathan met a white envelope. It was labeled Nathan in cursive and smelled of honey. Jefstood outside the door while he crossed the threshold and locked himself in.

He placed his belongings on the coffee table and headed to the bathroom so that he could rid himself of stress with a much needed cold shower.

Upon his return, he placed a freshmade cup of tea alongside the letter before he picked it up, opened it and read.

It was a brief letter but it did nothing to deter him from reading and digesting it. Anonymous was actually Halle.

The name bounced around in his head a few times before he felt the overwhelming urged to respond to the correspondence.



Thank you kindly for making that

introduction and what a lovely name

might I add.

I, too, am fascinated with likes of this

method of communicating though it is

not as refreshing to me but in turn, all

I know.

I am not influence mainly by those said

devices but a quiet means of messaging.

From your description, I gather that

both your brothers are opinionated and

strongwilled if you will.

Since my youth, I myself could be classed

with such behaviors. I am yet to be rid of


I am grateful that you considered me

enough to allow me the privilege of

knowing your name, Halle.



*** Hey guys, just dropping off a special chap for you, if you catch my meaning. Yay, getting rid of Dalia. Aren't you all relieved? And those heels beside there?

Roughly the height of her high heels and that's not the worst part. Imagine stepping through gravel with a ridicously thin heel like that.
Flinching yet? Well as the saying goes beauty is pain ... if it's even real.

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