Chapter Thirty: Runaway

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I looked around the room, and saw a table where the source of light was coming from. I went towards it and saw papers and a gun. It was probably for interrogation for me, too bad we're switching places. I took the gun and went towards Franzeska.

She groaned in pain as I started looking through her dress. I began to feel vibration through her pocket as I slid out her phone. Sebastian was calling. I looked at her and pointed a gun at her head, "Speak through the phone or I'll pull the trigger." I stated, narrowing my eyes.

She nod her head, giving back a glare. I slide my finger to the green button as I put it on loud speaker. I held the gun with my other hand, gripping it tightly. "Franzeska, what took you so long to pick up? Whatever— Leo is coming, and I need you to keep an eye on that her while I await Leo and that robot chick of yours." Sebastian said through the phone as I leaned the gun closer to her head, raising a brow.

"Y-yes, yes. I'll keep an eye on her." She stated as I ended the call. "Good girl," I pat her head while chuckling, looking at her face full of despise made me feel pleasure.

"I'll take this phone, if you don't mind." I flashed a smile as I went out of the room. As I did, I double locked it. In front of me was a flight of stairs leading upstairs. I walked up the stairs with a sprint and was faced with a huge spacious room. There were two doors left and right, I was blocked by a grand-staircase, making me feel relieved.

I walked around and suddenly heard footsteps coming from upstairs just above me, I went through the door I was close to and went in it. I locked the door and looked around. It was a big living room. There was a fireplace and bookshelves full of books, and three custom-shaped windows. I slide it open and jumped out, rolling on the grass. I hopped over the fence and started running, running from somewhere.

As I did, I took out the phone I stole from Franzeska and started dialling Simon's number, hoping for him to answer his phone. Come on, pick up.

And just before I knew it, I could hear people running after me. "You wouldn't last forever (y/n)!" I heard Sebastian yell behind me. I held my gun and looked back, firing bullets as one of the nurses got shot and fell down on the grassy floor.

I ran faster, pushing all my strength and energy to its limits. I turned to my left where tall tree trunks would hide me. I ran faster inside until I finally couldn't hear them coming towards me. I leaned on the tree trunk and panted for air, sucking all the air in as I finally recollected my breathing.

My body ached, and I felt tired from all that running and fighting. My knee hurt from the land, but I didn't bother. I opened the phone and dialled Simon's phone again, hoping he picks up. But he didn't. I sigh in irritation and sent him a text instead, asking for his location and to call me back as soon as possible. I closed the phone and leaned my head back and closed my eyes.

I'll wait until midnight strikes.

Sebastian's POV
"Have you find her?" I asked one of the men. "No sir." He answered back. I pointed the gun at him and pushed the trigger, making the man grunt in pain and fall down. "You idiots! Find her at once! Search everywhere! Don't ever come back with empty hands. You got that?" I glared at them.

They all nod as I went back in the house. I went down the stairs only to find someone banging from the other side. The door's were double locked. I unlocked the door and saw Franzeska laying there with a pool of blood. "Took you long enough." She grunted in pain.

"Can't believe you're still not dead." I rolled my eyes, helping her up, giving her support as we went up the stairs. "That bitch took my phone and gun." She hissed, making me sigh. "If only you fought back, maybe she shouldn't have escaped." I stated.

She looked at me and glared back. "She's trained." Franzeska muttered under her breath as I look back at her, "Get some rest. I'll send in the nurse." I said, twisting the doorknob open and laid her on the bed. I went out of the room and gave out a big sigh as I heard a car pull by. I went down the stairs and was greeted by him, "Where is my (y/n)?"

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