『13』 Fine with killing

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"Hey, Todoroki. Do you wanna warm up together?" I caught the boy's attention as he turned to me, a tiny bit of surprise evident in his expression. It soon turned back to his usual stoic face though as he gave me a simple nod of agreement.

I felt Bakugo's questioning glare burning on my skin. Not to my surprise at that. He probably expected me to accept an offer of one of the girls or ask him instead of 'Icy Hot'. After all, we had spent a lot of time together these past few weeks. He didn't like showing it, but I knew he at least tolerated me more than the others. Perhaps he even started enjoying my company just a little bit.

I brushed of his glare, mentally preparing myself for his questions that were definitely awaiting me later and I was sure he would either be annoyed and insulting or angry and loud.

Todoroki and I made our way over to one of the unoccupied training fields as I started stretching a bit. Even if this was supposed to be the warm-up, I felt the need to do a normal warm-up first. He on the other hand seemed unbothered as always though, but what did I expect? Normal human beings?

When the fight finally started, he didn't hesitate to launch at me, his ice powers ready for an attack. I took a deep breath as everything seemed to run in slow-motion. My hands started glowing as I tried to concentrate really hard. In this moment, I was reminded of the cup of coffee I luckily had earlier, making working with my quirk a lot easier for me.

I wasn't sure of how to go against his right side's power and frankly, I was even a little scared. I had seen the huge walls of ice he could build up in a matter of seconds and I really wasn't keen on finding out what it felt like to be impaled by one of those spikes.

I decided my quirk wouldn't really be of much use for now, so I rather wanted to go with the close combat Toga had taught me. Though I kept my hands glowing in case I would have to react quickly with my quirk.

When Todoroki was as close as he got, a thin layer of ice spread across the ground from underneath his foot. Before it could reach me, I took a running start at the boy, jumping right at him which had him visibly surprised. But I of course didn't just jump at him like an excited puppy. My hands made contact with his shoulders as I catapulted myself right over his head to jump past him. When I did so, I tried to press his pressure points, but I wasn't sure if I got it right. This was one of the moves Toga and I had trained a lot.

I ran a short distance away from my opponent, using the time I had before he would turn around to attack again. My attack didn't seem to have affected him much, but if I had gone all out, using a weapon I made with my quirk, perhaps he would've gotten injured in a way that could be a drawback in his exam. I didn't want to make him fail after all.

To my luck, he raised his left hand next, hinting that he would be about to use his fire. That was more like it now. I grinned to myself. I had trained with Dabi- someone with a fire quirk- so many times that going against Todoroki's fire would be as normal for me as chewing cherry gum.

Instinctively, I did what I already did many times before. My quirk activated to create a metal chain as I didn't hesitate to start spinning it to make it act as a shield. In that exact moment, a huge red flame met my weapon that shielded my body from the attack perfectly as the fire's heat radiated from the ignition, ingulfing me in the warm sensation.

Only the colour of the flame was a reminder to me that I wasn't in the familiar comfort of the villains' hideout- my home- but on U.A.'s school grounds- my enemies' territory. But no time to be scared by that realization! As long as I remembered everything I was taught, I would do fine!


I sweated and panted as I barely had enough energy to spin the chain in my hands once again to block off the cloud of glowing blue. Its heat also didn't really help with my sweating problem as I was sure if I didn't take a break soon to take a sip of my water, I would dehydrate. I slouched down, barely standing up straight by my arms supporting my weight on my knees.

Suddenly, I felt myself being tackled to the ground as, due to my exhaustion, only a whimper escaped my lips instead of a scream to express my shock and the pain I felt from colliding with the hard floor. When I opened my eyes again, which I hadn't even realized I squeezed shut, I came face to face with the somewhat handsome villain, flashing me a cheeky grin. His body barely hovered over mine as I realized I was trapped underneath him. Despite having been so close to him many times before, my blood shot to my head at our close proximity. Perhaps it was the position that made me feel so embarrassed.

I slightly turned my face away, trying to avoid eye contact. Without success though, because Dabi took ahold of my face and tilted it back to where we were staring right into each other's eyes. His ocean-blue hues were hypnotizing me every time as I figured if I stared into them for too long, I'd go lost and drown in the ocean.

"You always need to stay on guard." he smugly lectured me in his husky voice, reminding me we were still in battle.

"Do you really expect me to focus after hours of training?! I'm tired!" I complained, my heavy breathing only proving my exhaustion.

"Battles can last for hours too and if you can't hold on that long, your pretty little face might not stay that pretty." He explained, not bothering to hold back on the brute facts. "We need to train your stamina, but for now, we'll train this situation. You're being attacked while at the end of your energy. What will you do?"

Is there much one can do when being at their limit? Thoughts rushed through my head as I tried to put my finger on what to do next. I remembered the metal chain that was still tight in my grasp. I could hit the attacker from behind with it by whipping it, but chances are high I'd accidentally hit myself... I could wrap it around the attacker's throat to choke them. Yeah, that could work!

The chain made rattling sounds as I moved it. Even though my mind was set to it, I felt myself hesitating. What if I hurt Dabi? I placed the chain around his neck gently, barely applying any pressure.

"Imma choke them." I stated, my voice dripping with confidence, which immediately drained from me when the male scoffed.

"What are you doing? Fixing a necklace?" My eyes slightly widened in surprise. "You need to hurt your attacker, not have a tea party."

I was slightly taken aback by his harsh words. Wasn't he overexaggerating a little? "I-I know, but this isn't the real deal, right? No need for actual pain."

"No, you need to be prepared. Imagine me as a real attacker in a real fight."

The sound of chains rattling filled the air yet again as my shaky hands pulled the metal object slightly tighter around his throat. I squeezed my eyes shut as I didn't want to be confronted by the face he would make while I hurt him. Though I couldn't stop my imagination from doing the job for my eyes instead. Images flashed through my mind, one after another: his features distorted in pain, his eyes wide and their color dull, seeming to lack any hopeful shine. Like the ocean was suddenly dried out...

My grip around the metal loosened until my hands entirely dropped to my sides as I let out a shaky breath. I couldn't do it! I just couldn't hurt Dabi!

A heavy sigh of frustration escaped his lips as I finally felt him shifting off of me. "(Y/N), you're a villain now." I slowly opened my eyes and hesitantly sat up.

Wow, chief! Thanks for stating the obvious!

"The world is a cruel place." He continued in his stoic tone which lacked all of his usual playfulness. "Nobody owes you anything, you owe nobody anything. Nobody will hesitate to hurt you for their own good and neither should you. Especially as villains, we need to be fine with killing."

His last words startled me, making my eyes go wide and my body freeze in place. Killing?

We need to be fine with killing...

~end of flashback~

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