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Dipper p.o.v

Bill sighed flicking his cigarette. we were in the middle of no where. I just watch Bill sit on the top of the tank. Everyone else slept. I got up climbing out of the tank. "Can't sleep? you're first kill will do that to you." he said."At least that's what I'm told." he lit a other cig.

"Sir, how long have you been a soldier?" I asked making conversation. 

"912 days." he spoke.

"2 and haft years." I mumbles.

"Seems longer. It always seems longer." he blew out some smoke. "Want one?" he offered a cigarette. Holding up the box. I shook my head. "No thank you sir. I don't smoke."

He chuckled, "Of course you don't. "
He stood flicking his cigarette once more. "Time to roll." I nodded. He jumped into the tank. "Rise and shine ladies! We got work to do fuckers!" he shouted.

We were all up now. The sun slowly rising. "Captain, I think I see someth-" heart attack was cut off with a loud bang. I flinched. "Shit! They hit gleeful!" Heart attack yelled.

"Fuck!" Bill growled jumping out. Heart attack started shooting while Bill was riding up top with his gun pointing out. "Hey princess get your ass up here!" I whined slowly getting on top with Bill.

I flinch at the loud gun sounds going off. "Fucking shoot god damn it!" he yelled.

I started shooting out into the smoke.

After what  felt like forever the smoke cleared down and the shots stopped.

Bill turned to me with a pissed expression. "Are you fucking stupid!?" he hit me with the back of his gun not hard enough to knock me out. I cried holding my nose. Blood poured out.

"That's nothing compare to what they'll do to you! you're better off as my whore then a soldier!" he shouted.

I sobbed,"I'm s-sorry captain."

He turned to Robby. "And what the fuck was that?! Chubby tittes is dead because of your fuck up! you're god damn idiot! both of you!"

"I'm sorry sir. " I sobbed. holding my nose. He sighed holding the bridge of his nose. "I'm so fucked."

Later that night we made camp. My nose was all bruised up and swollen. I nibbled at my food feeling sick. "Eat up. you'll need it trust me sweetheart."

I frowned eating a little more. Bill's eye was always locked on me. I finally spoke up hoping to kill the awkwardness. "C-captain?" I asked.

"What is it now princess?"

I blushed looking at the stew that's sat in my dented Bowl. "What happened to you're eye?" I asked.

Heart attack froze. oh shit! Was I in trouble now!

Bill just chuckled. "Lots of questions today?" he replied lighting a cigarette. He took a sip of his flask before speaking. "I like you so I'll tell you." I looked away feeling his eye on me.

"It happened last year. I was the only one left of my team. The rest of them dead." smoke blew past his lips. "We were so close to winning. We gave it our all but those damn fucking cocksuckers had a spy. They found our location. knew our plans. I was taken to their base. I was tortured." I looked up at him. His eye looking straight into my soul. "They never showed mercy. " he flicked his cigarette away."Never stopping."

I frowned wishing I hadn't asked. Bill stood. "They got bored. so they came up with new ideas." he made his way over to me. He bent down. Our noses almost touching. He was so close. His eye looked as if it was glowing. "Want to see?" he asked with a smirk.

I shook my head looking away. "N-no sir. I apologize for bringing up such a painful-" he groaned loudly cutting me off. "So boring.~" he growled into my ear.

I blushed at the closeness. He pulled away a bit slowly slipping off his eye patch. I gasped looking away.

He laughed. "I know I'm so ugly. like a monster." He put his eye patched back on. "And you're my little princess." I blushed looking at the floor. "I'm sorry that happened sir. "

He rolled his eyes. "I'm going to sleep." he groaned annoyed. "So fucking boring." I frowned looking at my stew again.

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