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{ Aqua POV }

"Who is it?" I said walking up to the door.

"Branson." He replied.

I opened the door and saw Branson standing there just smiling.

"Are you ready?" He smiled.

"Yes." I said walking outside closing the door.

"I brought the condoms." He said emphasizing the word condom with his fingers.

"Lmfao." I laughed getting into the car.

{ Calum POV }

"Wanna dance." Morgan asked.

"Haha you know I can't dance babe." I whispered in her ear.

Man I wish Aqua was here. If I would have told her that I couldn't dance she would probably still make me. Haha or give me a twerk and we end up fucking.

"Have you seen Branson?" A pretty girl with brown hair asked me.

"No he isn't here yet why?" I asked.

"I have the weed that he wanted." She said.

"Wait you sell weed?" I asked.

"Shhh.. But yeah on the DL."

"Here's my number and call me so I can buy some from you." I said writing my number on her arm.

"LET'S PLAY BULLSHIT." My friend Logan said coming up to me.

I laughed and followed him outside where a group of girls were standing.

"Okay we changed the rules, if you mess up you have to take a body shot off of us. And of we mess up we take one off of you." Logan said.

We all said our bullshit names, I chose watershit.

"I was walking down the street and I saw Watershit." A girl with purple hair said.

"Who shit?" I said.

"You shit." She replied.

"No fakeshit." I said winking at a girl who reminded me of Aqua.

"Who shit?" She replied.

"You shit."

"No frankshi-" She started to say before realizing that no one was frankshit.

"Body shot time." Logan said taking off his shirt and laying on the table while the girl with purple hair set up the body shot.

Me: Aqua I'm like so mad that you aren't here at the party that I'm at

Aqua: lmfao sorry but I'm going to a different party

Aqua: it's probably better ;)

Me: I hope it isn't

Aqua: it's my boyfriend's party so I think I have you beat.

Me: fuck him

Aqua: was planning on it

Me: :(

Aqua: ;)

{ Aqua POV }

We walked into the lake house. The smell of alcohol and weed filled my nostrils with its dangerous, yet tempting fumes.

"Wats up bitch!" Joey yelled.

"Sup." I said.

He was coming up to me but I told him to leave cause I was with Branson.

"Hey Branson." A girl with brown hair said coming up to him.

"Hey Nicole." He smiled.

"Hi I'm Aqua." I waved.

"Yeah." She rolled her eyes. "But anyways before I got rudely interrupted, I have your weed."

"You smoke weed?" I said shocked.

"Like you said we all have our secrets." He winked.

"Anywho that would be 150." She said handing him the bag.

"Follow me so I can get my wallet Nicole." He said.

"And go mingle Aqua." Branson said kissing me.

I smiled and went to go find Leah.

{ Calum POV }

After the game of bullshit I walked inside to get me a drink.

From a far I saw a girl that looks like Aqua. I wasn't sure considering that this place was flooded with people.

I decided to walk up to her to see who she was.

{ Aqua POV }

"Hey babe I'm back." He said giving me another kiss.

"That was short." I laughed.

"Oh what's up Calum." Branson said looking behind me.

Did he just say Calum, nah can't be me and him are at completely different parties.

"I want you to meet my girlfriend Aqua." He said turning me around.

I turned around slowly and saw that it was yes indeed Calum. My fuckbuddy Calum Hood.

"H.. H.. Hi." He said nervously.

"Do you guys no each other?" Branson said confused by Calum's actions.

"No." I said quickly.

{ Calum POV }

Aqua fucking dates Branson what the fuck. How could I not see this coming.

Me: u date my best friend hoe -.-

Me: only hoes do shit like that

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