Chapter 3: Jade Sunlight

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       On the clock on the wall, it read 3:38. Good thing that he didn't have school the next day, or he would probably not make it. He wrapped his arm up so that it healed. He sat at the desk and studied the mask. He couldn't have known how to do all of that. He must've learned that before. He must've put the mask on before already. But how long ago?

       He studied the mask. He had to put it on, it was the matter of courage. He got up, into the middle of the room, as to not break anything. He put the mask on, and the sapphire after. All of a sudden, he understood. It wasn't the mask that gave him the power, it was how to unlock the power. The mask fell off. He tried to pump his arms in, and out. A bright yellow figure faded out of him. He had a star symbol on it's forehead. He was stunned with amazement. What is that thing? What does it do?

       As soon as he thought that, a book began to fall off the shelf. The figure teleported, and caught it before it hit the ground. and put it back. 

       Wow  he thought. Did  I do that? The figure stared back at him, as if waiting for his next command. He knew now that what Ace did was not spontaneous.


       The next day, he woke up to the sound of knocking. It was a man in a suit, and he could not see his face from his hat. He opened the door to greet him.

       "Hello son, My name is Geoffrey Magnum. Are you the Greggory son? I am here to talk to you about your inheritance. Pretty easy, because you get everything, but we need to do the legal stuff. May I sit down." They sat down in the living room. They started going through the paperwork, told George that he had to sign to finish, and reached into his jacket pocket. He then took out a throwing knife, and threw it. George did the arm thing, and the figure caught it. From where it was caught, it definitely wouldn't have hit him. It was a test.

       "Aha! I knew you put it on! I knew you had the Jade Mask! What is the name of your Spirit?"

       "Spirit?" George was confused. "What do you mean? It has a name?"

       "You name it yourself. He is a part of you. So you must name him yourself. He seems like one of the most powerful spirits I've seen. With training you could really become very powerful. I have a spirit myself. But I don't think I should show mine to you yet until we begin. You should name your spirit now."

       "Uh," George thought. He looked at his spirit. It was like looking at the sun. It was bright, yet it wasn't sun bright. But it was bright. It was calming to look at. Then he remembered the Jade Mask was the thing that spawned it. Then it finally clicked. It was perfect.

Jade Sunlight

       "Yes, it fits it perfectly." Magnum spaced out, in thought, then looked up at George. "If you are going to defeat Ace, you need to know and master your spirit. We must train as soon as possible!" He stood up, "I shall return tomorrow at noon. Be prepared by then. Train now so that you will be better off tomorrow." He left without saying another word.

       George didn't know where to start. What did Sunlight do? He started off by going to their exercise room, and tried to see his fighting. He tried on the punching bag. One punch sent the bag flying. He set the bag up against the wall so that it would actually work. Trying a barrage of punches, it punched so fast he could hardly see his arms from moving so fast. How could he be any stronger? 

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