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                                                                                            Act 1

The calm morning air fills with the lively chatter of birds; the twit-twits and the tweet-tweets bring a refreshing start to the day. Mrs. Robinson, the chatterbox robin who is always inquiring about somebody's business, perks up and exclaims, "Don't you just love the fresh air around these parts?"

"You sure, Ruby? Isn't it forecasted to rain later today?" Ms. Mocking shot back.

Mrs. Robinson gasps and preaches "Hush! Nothing could degrade this beautiful day. By God's name, if something awful like that should happen, and it makes everything crash and burn; my name isn't Ruby Rainier Robinson! Stop being such a pessimist Debbie Downer, there's too much this kingdom has given us to enjoy and thrive on, so live on that instead of being greedy and lazy."

Enough of the light-hearted daily banter between some neighborly birds, a better prospect is taking a peek into this kingdom that Mrs. Robinson speaks so fondly of. Let's begin by taking a relaxed, easy delve into the lush forest that cradles this busy fairy kingdom; one which bustles with life and locomotion. Nothing but peaceful bliss and tranquility surround the enchanted forest which hums and stirs into life, providing a magical blanket for the animals.** The animals prance in their carefree nature surrounded by nature while the flowers dance around in the sun. Even some of the busy bee fairies from the heart of the kingdom enjoy the forest and retreat there to relax and to escape from the mundanity of everyday life, little cabins and campfires litter the humongous forest, but act as ornamentation to the forest and do little to distract from the visage of the forest. The breezy air entranced all that entered the arms of the forest, a hug that squeezes the life out of you, only to revive you with newfound energy, a kiss from mother nature herself, affection only possible from all that creates and the place where all begin. Meadows that sing in tune with the birds replying, a fierce battle of notes, thrashing back and forth to each other, virtuosic playing bringing life, color, and a serenity betwixt some playful music.

The whimsical state of the winding forests and meadows are in stark contrast of the urban state of the central kingdom, which topples high above the forest and completely overshadows the tranquil forest. A bustling cityscape packed full to the brim with buildings, the pure dense state of it all causes a small claustrophobic feeling in the back of your head. They topple over each other wrestle and climb, seeing who can rise the highest, take up the most space, filled with fairies doing all sorts of tasks that fulfill their lives. A horizon that lights up with neon lights brighter than the sun, shouting "Hey look at me! No at me. They're losers I'm the best clearly." Advertisements that take up increasing amounts of space in your brain getting you to buy the newest doodads or whatsits that will increase the quality of life, but where's the starting point? What's life without some fun or breaks from the boring procedure of it all. Suddenly, sounds pierce the air. Clank! Chug-chug. Machines, some that help these little fairies travel others that help life go and chug along, coughing and hacking more than an old man who smoked too many cigarettes for his own good. People rushing by each other, all in order to be on time to complete their daily set of mundane tasks. But wait, what's this? The smell of fresh-baked cookies fills the air like a warm breeze on a sunny summer day. A small, small, man whose fairy wings have deteriorated with age comes out carrying a tray of wondrously ethereal baked goods, glowing with the wholesome smell of sugar and chocolate, assaulting every inch of your senses. A very fitting break from everyday life. The elderly man smiles happily holding up the tray, but no one comes and takes any of the cookies he gladly offered to the world. In a tear-jerking change of emotion, the man grows sad and falls into despair when he still sees a full tray. Just as he was about to retreat back into his bakery, a little boy in some tattered clothes approaches him asking for a cookie. The man instantly jumps back into a smile and gladly gives him one and asks the little boy to join him for lunch, to which the boy happily obliges.

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