Chapter 46: Always

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Been late with updates but since it's Bakugo's bday I tried to get this done between my online classes :))

The first thing I see, right after I open my eyes is Katsuki's face.

Damn he's almost angelic. I just can't get used to him sleeping and looking like he won't murder anyone...

"Oh yeah.. I fell asleep in the common room.."
I wrapped my arms around his waste scooting closer to him.

"Wake up... I'm really bored now.." I pucker my lips, squirming underneath the blanket.

Katsuki's brows furrowed before he open his eyes.

"SNOOT!" I pressed my nose with his before he can fully grasp his consciousness.

He slowly leans in as his lips part.
I have initially thought he was going for a kiss but instead there was a sharp pain around my cheek.

"OUCH! Why did you bite me!" I shriek and I swear I could feel my face throbbing.

"That's for waking me up at 5:30 in the fucking morning" he shifted his body around and that's when I realize he was shirtless.

Damn his back is sexy as hell too...

"Jheez..chill" I said playfully as I quickly roll closer to him and muffled my arms around him making sure to feel up his abs.

"Fine.. I'll let you be the little spoon today.." I joked and pressed my cheeks on his back that was warm enough to lessen the subtle pain that he was responsible for. 

Moments later, he cupped his hand on mine, "stop that friggin' tickles.."

"Oh yeah??" I mocked him and continue to move my fingers faster around his stomach.

He snorted before covering his mouth to restrain himself from cracking up resulting for his eyes to tear up.

"Fuck Y/n!!" He snicker and finally used his strength to pull my hands away.

"You're dead.." he grins and his hair cast a shadow over his eyes as he sit up.

Ahh I'm dead..

I quickly stumble back as he bend closer and finally I fell out of his bed.

"W-we should get ready for school right?" I asked, aiming to get out of the situation.

"Sure.. but later.." he smiled wickedly and the glint in his eyes sent my bones weak.

He grab my small body and threw me back in the bed and before I could even run he pinned me down, holding my waist between his thighs.

He took his hand and tickle the living hell out of my body.

"HAHHAAHAHA KA-SUKI STOP!" I writhe underneath him with my hands on his wrist but my body became too frail to even stop him.

"IM SORRY!!" I begged and a tear drop began to escape the corner of my eyes, despite that his evil grin only grew in size.


I'm really going to die..

I was out breath when he finally stopped and press his lips to mine.

"Open your mouth.." he licks my lips and I obliged indulging into the kiss.

"Now you know who's the dominant one!" He laughs cockily before getting off me.

Well at least I got a kiss...

"I wasn't even trying to take that title away from you sheez!"

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