12| Regret This Night

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12| Regret This Night

12| Regret This Night

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LAVENDER. Lavender was the first thing I took in sitting so close to Ava in the train into town. She smelled like fresh lavender buds, the kind that blossomed in the late spring in the garden backyard at the home I grew up in. Lavenders made me think of how my mom loved to garden and, especially when we were younger, my brother Nic and I would wake up early to help her. I would help Nic make pancakes (but he was always a better cook and still is) and then we would eat on the back patio before planting. When the lavender finished blooming, my mom would pick some out and set it in a vase in the living room.

It, in its simplicity, was bliss.

Anyway, so Ava smelled like lavender from where she sat across from me on the close-quartered train.

I wasn't surprised that Ava had decided to come with me tonight despite the fact that she knew nothing of my plans. I was tempting and my offer was, too. Though, she resisted my motorcycle, which every other girl found incredibly hot. Ava not so much. So one of my tricks was out the window already, leaving me with only a few more of my tricks for the night. Whatever else I had planned, at least.

"So where are we going, anyway?" Ava asked, looking around the train. "We've been on this train for hours."

"Hours? My, my, Juliet, you are highly over exaggerating," I said, then motioned to the board that lit up inside the train, which told us the stops. "As you can see, we have 5 more minutes."

Ava looked up at the board, eyebrows raised. "So we have been in here for more than 30 minutes."

"Well, we could have been there by now, but someone wanted to take the train," I said.

Ava glared at me and squinted up at the board again. "Theo, why are we going to Skaneateles at almost 10pm?"

"Because the night is calling our name," I said.

"I'm regretting this already," she muttered.

"You won't. I promise."

The train came to a calm halt and I stood up. I would have offered my hand to Ava, but she was already standing and something told me she wouldn't want to take my hand in the first place. Valid enough.

We got out of the train and started the short walk towards where I planned to take Ava, though I knew she would have questions once we arrived. It made sense. It was a questionable place to most I brought here.

Skaneateles was a small town in New York if under 8,000 people. The downtown was filled with mostly old historic buildings, antiques, and unique restaurants. But what most didn't know was that Skaneateles was notorious for its nightlife. It was a true small New York town: During the day, people walked the streets of the village and along the lake, and at night, the town was full of those who wanted to stay out and party the night away. Most college students stayed on campus or in downtown Syracuse for nightlife, but I preferred the solitude and thrill of going 30 minutes to Skaneateles for my outings.

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