Chapter one

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"Puis-Je avoir de la gelée sur le croissants s'il vous plaît"
Can I have some Jelly on the croissants please

"Voulez-vous qu'il soit frais" the woman behind the counter asks.
Do you want it fresh?

"Oui s'il vous plaît"
Yes please.

"Ce sera de l'argent supplémentaire et vous devrez attendre un peu plus longtemps"
That will be extra money and you will have to wait a bit longer.

"Ça ca nous mangeons"
It's okay. We are eating in.

I take Cindy's hands and walk to the nearest table and we take our seats.

"I still don't understand how you learnt the language already."Cindy says in awe.

"Darling we have been here for months" I reply.

"We have been in Thailand for only two weeks and Greece for only a week and you learnt the language fluently"

"I just pick up languages really quickly"I shrug.

-it's the ace wolf in you-

Well I can't very much tell my very human friend that can I? I mean I adore my Cindy love but she is too soft hearted, I fear she will hurt herself after finding out. She will lose her mind.

"Girl. This is on some other freaking level! You are fluent by the freaking next day."

I didn't know how to respond to that so I just smile and shrug again.

My mother is a powerful wolf. Ace wolf only known to the legends. She's so powerful yet so humble. There aren't many people who know that she is one and she had used her powers for good in the many years. Acewolf is one of the most powerful wolves to ever exist, there are probably a hand full of them out there. It's rare and they all have special powers that they dominate. My mother is strong and fast, kicks my father's ass during training. She is undefeated.

I'm not an Acewolf but since it my mother is, I inherited some skills. I may not be as strong or as fast of my mother but I can still kick ass.


Facts. Darling. Facts.

I have learnt that my mind can catch on to things very quickly. Though I won't say I'm a genius like my friend Enzo. I can just understand things much quickly than others. So learning a new language so easily is normal. Hence why I got A plus in Spanish in high school. I got kicked out of that class everyday, Miss Louise hated me and I her. She was-I'm not even going to go into there. My gosh words cannot even define the type of woman she was. I always done my homework and aced my tests so she didn't care whether I attended her lessons or not after awhile. At first she thought I was cheating and that was a mess within itself. Long story short, there was no evidence and she looked even more stupid which made her hate me even more. Great.

She loved my brother. Everyone loves my brother. My twin. My half. We came in this world together and there is no one I love more. That being said there is no one in this world I hate more. Maybe Liam but that is another story for another day. Ok I lied. There isn't a bone in my body that hates that man. He is my best friend and I do miss him very dearly but I will never tell him that.

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