6: awkward moment!

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Assalam walaikum everybody!
So this chapter is especially dedicated to the b'day girl NuskaNisthar 🎂🎂🎂

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The rays of the sun have started to form the brightest shades of yellow and orange into the sky. All the birds have now started chirping the morning songs as the summery day had started.

I was sitting into my brother's car with my head leaning on the window as my eyes were constantly stuck on the beauty of the nature. Umair Bhai and Aiza bhabhi who were going to their work places were to drop me to the university on the way.

As my eyes got tired , I averted my gaze and looked at the beautiful couple sitting ahead of me. They were talking with each other with utmost love and care in their eyes.

I have seen how my brother's life has changed the day Aiza Bhabhi entered his life. And it is obvious that the change was good. Umair Bhai , who after that incident in his life had forgotten to smile was now a man who you will always find smiling to himself. And all the credit goes to Aiza bhabhi.

I don't know what love is and how being loved is like but I know that it definitely looks like the relation between this beautiful couple Infront of me.

I didn't knew I was smiling until Umair Bhai said,

"Aayat, why are you smiling like that? Did you see a ghost?"

I giggled at this and replied to him,
"It's nothing Bhai..."

"Hmm... Aayat, whatever it is but know that you look the most beautiful when you smile.. so never ever stop smiling darling." Aiza Bhabhi said to me with that loving look on her face and I again smiled at her while thinking how blessed am I to get these people in my life who care about me so much.

The car stopped in front of the university gate as Umair Bhai said,

"There you go sis. Allah Hafiz, take care."

"Jazakallahu khair Bhai, you both too take care.. see you" I said while getting down from the car and waved at both of them as I watched the car disappearing on to the road.

I had 20 minutes left for the lecture to start so I called Humaira, Naiza and Soniya to know where they were and I got to know that all of them will be here in 15 minutes. So as I was alone I decided to go to library and do study for some time.

I walked out of the lift and than went to the library and sat on the chair at the far most corner of the room. I opened my books and started reading it.

After few minutes I heard a chair opposite of me shifting but still not looked up to see who it was.

"Hey, Assalam walaikum Aayat!" I heard the person before me saying so I lifted my gaze to look who it was and found Hamza sitting Infront of me. A smile broke on my lips as I was taken aback to the time when I and Hamza would study together in our school days. He was like the only male friend I ever had in my class. He was a decent guy. Not like the other guys and respected everyone alot.

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