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my mom is makin me go to school

diddly doo wtf

she's taking me out in an hour and then bringing me back like broh im missing school anyway might as well get some sleep I didn't get last night at 2am


so now I get to go cry on people at my school bc my mouth


it's gonna be hella awkward putting it on like sure I'll have it on go ahead but just snap your fingers don't poke my face

and tarah feels me


I'll be texting you before I go in like



"Tare Bear"


yodelley Hee Hoo

That's me

if you can't handle a few texts you definitely can't handle me at camp like BISH I wrote "BOOTY" on my arm in paint

im not on drugs ok

alright im scared

diddly doo hold me

-angles deedle

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