Chapter 32: New Delhi Wildlife

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Kim's anger had cooled a bit by the time the plane touched down in India, and was tamped down even more when she saw New Delhi. Such a quaint little town! There was a little river that ran behind the buildings, and what looked like an open-air market she hoped she could check out later. There was some lovely architecture off in the distance. It didn't look like there was much to actually do here? This was supposedly India's answer to Hollywood but there weren't even any shops or bars? But whatever! Charming!

She wandered around looking for the movie studio when she spotted something that would change her life forever:




"OMGGGGGGGGG MONKEYYYYYY," Kim screamed, running over. The monkey gave a cute little screech and jumped up on her shoulder. Kim loved him instantly and utterly. He was so adorable! His little hat??? His little face??? She loved him so, so much.

"I need to adopt you, monkey!" Kim said. "What do I do?" She kept pressing the monkey but no information about him appeared. She tried just walking away with him but each time he jumped down off her shoulders and hopped back up on the wall.

What the hell nonsense is this, she wondered. You can't just leave A TINY MONKEY IN A TINY HAT, EATING A TINY BANANA around and not give people any information about it. Why is it just sitting here? Where'd he get the banana? How'd he get to be so fashionable? Too many mysteries!

She was trying to stuff the monkey into her bag when she got a call from Simon, reminding her that it was time to begin filming at the studio. She had to leave!

She set the monkey back down on the wall, where it quietly nibbled on its banana. "Monkey," Kim said, wiping the tears from her eyes and blowing her nose. "I have to go film my movie, but I will be back. I will figure out a way for us to be together. Stay alive, no matter what occurs. I will find you."

She hugged him and then walked quickly away, afraid to look back. If she saw him sitting there in his tiny hat with his big eyes staring back a her, she would start sobbing and never ever stop.

Kim found the movie studio and went inside. She ran into Other Kim almost immediately.

"Hey there!" Other Kim said. "Rani has already filmed most of her scenes ahead of time, but there's still quite a lot to be shot with you. Let's have fun! Are you ready?"

"Umm I guess?" Kim said. "I've had kind of an emotional day and I mean I'm not sure about this whole playing the villain thing?"

Other Kim nodded. "It's going to be strange playing adversaries with my bestie, but at least we help each other and make up at the end. And this will be a memorable role for you, I just know it. People will be talking about this performance for a long time."

"Okay," Kim said. "I guess maybe it'll be fun."

"Totally!" Other Kim said. "I love when we get to work together!"

"Me too," Kim said. "And if you think it's a good role then I appreciate the opportunity. I'll try to get into it! Maybe it'll humanize Willow Pape for me a bit, like walking a mile in her shoes. By pretending to be her, I'll begin to understand her motivations better, and ultimately find a way to get along with her IRL!"

"Great, yeah, sure!" Other Kim said. "Let's go!

For the next 8 hours Kim poured her heart into her role of the crazed villain. It helped that she had so much residual emotion to draw on, from her anger with the sexy pilot and her love affair with the tiny monkey. She let the emotions flow, channeling her inner Willow, shrieking her lines and being all insane and just totally tearing up the scenery. It was fun! And she got to use a vase as a prop, which was her favorite part. She used the vase as a prop a lot.

"Perfect, that's a wrap!" Ram said. He pulled her aside as she walked off the set. "Kim had to leave but she said she'd meet you later at the hotel tonight for the wrap party. It starts in 3 hours. See you there?"

"Definitely," Kim nodded. She hugged Ram and thanked him. She was emotionally exhausted from her performance, but felt good about how it'd gone. She'd given her all, hopefully she'd been believable as a whacked-out maniac and people would appreciate her acting skills.

Now she had three hours to kill before the party. There was zero question about how she was going to spend it. She ran back to the courtyard and sat by her friend, TINY MONKEY IN A TINY HAT, EATING A TINY BANANA.

"Hey you," she said, letting the monkey scamper up her arm. She definitely felt like he had smiled when he saw her returning? Like they were definitely forming an emotional connection. She picked a stray long blonde hair off his little vest and dropped it to the ground. "Hey, who have you been hanging out with while I was gone?" Kim asked.

But the monkey didn't answer, it just looked up at her with its sweet little face and touched her face with its sweet little paw, like it was trying to tell her something, something important. But maybe it was just being cute! Kim snuggled her tiny monkey and just chilled there for the rest of the day. It was the quickest three hours of her life.

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