Afternoon in the rain (A Jai Brooks Imagine Request)

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This is for my awesome lil sis Bri!

Hope you enjoy it!

Afternoon in the rain - A Jai Brooks Imagine

You were sat in the park waiting for your boyfriend Jai, he had phoned you earlier that day and he told you to be in the park at 3pm.
It was your two year anniversary and you were looking forward to finding out what on earth he had planned for your special day.

You were starting to get really cold, the weather had been so nice when you left the house that you didn’t take a jacket with you. You were just sat there in a sundress and heels. You were really happy with how you looked that day and you knew Jai would just melt when he saw you.

“Guess who sexy.” Jai whispered in your ear whilst covering your eyes

“Jai.” You giggled

He grabbed you and pulled you into his arms, you just loved the way he hugged you. When you were in his arms you always felt so safe.

“ Come on angel, I have a amazing surprise for you.” he smiled

He grabbed you by the hand and took you to a really quiet part of the park. You gasped when you saw the perfect picnic he had laid out on the grass just for you two.

“ Oh Jai, it’s so perfect. I love you so much. You always know how to make me smile.” You smiled

“ I’m glad you like it. I love you so much too. I wanted to do something really nice for you. I want you to remember our 2 year anniversary. Last year wasn’t so good, so I’m trying my best to make this an amazing anniversary for you.” He said

Just smile to your self when you think back to your one year anniversary. This time last year Jai had totally forgotten and spend the whole day with his brothers Luke and Beau.  By the time he remembered it was too late to go to a romantic restaurant and he ended up taking you to a burger bar and then you watched a DVD together. You really enjoy the night but Jai just couldn’t stop telling you how sorry he was that he‘d forgotten.

“ Jai, You know I really enjoyed that night. Anything you do for me is just so special. Just being with you makes my heart skip a beat.” You giggled

You and Jai sat an ate the picnic that he’d brought, after the picnic you just lay on the picnic blanket in his arms. You just felt like time had stopped and that the only two people in the whole world at that moment were you and Jai.

Jai moved closer to you and gently placed his lips on yours. You felt him run his tongue across your lips as if to ask permission for his tongue to enter your mouth. You parted your lips and Jai plunged his tongue into your mouth. The moment his tongue was in your mouth, your tongues began a fraught and erotic battle for dominance.

All of a sudden you felt rain hitting your arms and before either of you could move the rain just can pouring down so fast.

Jai packed up all the stuff and then he grabbed your hand. You started to run, you guys were looking for some shelter. All of a sudden Jai stopped in the middle of the park, put his hands on either side of your face and  kissed you so passionately.

“ Sorry I just had to do that. There’s just something about kissing in the rain.” he said

“ I think it’s something to do with when you see it in romantic movies. It’s always that iconic scene and always makes you go Awwww!” You said

You grabbed hold of Jai’s jacket and pulled him closer to you. You began passionately kissing again and you just didn’t care about the fact that you were getting soaked to the skin.

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