Chapter Twenty-Nine: Lady Fight

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I was strapped in a chair. But I did not know where I was. I remembered being in a position like this. I hated it, and I thought it ended. "SEBASTIAAAN!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, only getting hit on the head with something metallic. Like a frying pan.

My head felt painful, and it made me want to kill someone. "You make such annoying noises, I wonder how Leo likes you." I heard a female voice behind me. Her heels click as she came into view.

Just then, I heard a click sound and a light turned on. "Franzeska." I glared, and she only gave out a laugh. She leaned forward with a sly smirk on her face, her eyes locked on mine. "I do not like you." She stated, giving me an eye of like a devil. But I was mot stung by those words, I did not care one bit.

"Open your GPS, Franzeska and find my care. Cause I know I don't give a single fuck." I smiled, muttering out a laugh. In this type of situation, being dragged, kidnapped and hostage is something I'm so used to.

She raised a hand, ready to slap me. She swung her hand and slapped me across the cheek. I laughed at the pain as my head turned to the other side. I smiled and turned to look at her and leaned forward, "Try again Franzeska, but with a fist," I whispered, "Maybe you'll find my care." I chuckled.

And just before she could beat me up even further, I heard someone enter inside as its shoes click with the stoned-floor. "That's enough, Franzeska." I heard Sebastian's voice as he came into view with a sly smirk on his face. I rolled my eyes and leaned back. "I'm not going to be ordered around by a teenage boy." She hissed, her fist still clenched. He chuckled, "You wouldn't be like that if that robot chick isn't by your side." He commented.

Robot? "What robot?" I asked as they both looked at me. "Is (y/n) curious? Aw, that's cute darling." He laughed, making me annoyed. "You're one to speak. I'm older than you, lover boy." I teased.

"You seem to be forgetting who you're dealing with here, (y/n)." Sebastian stated, "And you seem to forget your occupation here, Sebastian. You're just another filth of the Ainsley's, are you not?" I asked, tilting my head to the side with a look of curiosity.

He growled back, mot knowing what to say. He walked back as a guy went up to him, "Sir, someone is asking you upstairs." The guy said and Sebastian sighed and gave Franzeska a look as he went away, disappearing from the dark.

Franzeska's hand landed on both of my hands that were tied, squeezing it tight. "Now (y/n)...let me teach you how to lose." She smiled. "I knew you're an expert at it. You must've had lots of practice, huh?" I laughed, feeling satisfied with the look that she was giving me as her nails dig on my wrist.

"Oh you wouldn't want to do that, Franzeska." I sigh. Feeling unbothered by her nails digging through my skin, it sting though. "Don't scare me." She hissed and I only smiled "Just giving you a warning, Franzeska." I replied back as I knocked my head to hers, making her fall back.

I rocked the char back and forth until I finally fell, the dagger sliding out of my pocket as I reached for it with all my strength and force and began cutting the ropes. One hand was free as Franzeska ran towards me.

I cut the ropes off of my ankles and kicked her on the stomach as she went back. I stood up and lunged at her with my fist. She groaned in pain as she caught my wrist and wrapped her slender legs on my waist and put her other hand on my hair, pulling my head back.

I stabbed her with my dagger on her wrist as she screamed in pain, loosening her grip on me. I got up and kicked her aside, taking back the dagger. "You crazy bitch!" She yelled, getting up as she stumbled with her heels. "Ew, don't compare me to you." I gave her a disgusted look as she growled back.

She took the hem of my white-torn dress, pulling me back as I stumbled down. She kicked me on my side where I was shot, making me groan in pain. And before she could take my dagger, kicked her on the stomach, swinging my dagger towards her as she got stabbed on the stomach.

She fell down on me with the look of shock and the unimaginable pain she must feel. I cringed at the sight as her blood covered my white dress. I crawled back and took the dagger off of her stomach, with her blood still stained on it. "I'll kill you." She said, stuttering through her words. "Try me, Franzeska." I smiled.

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