paparazzi overwhelms you

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You could hear the commotion from outside the restaurant before you and Ashley even stepped outside.

It's become almost normal now. To get followed everywhere you both go by big men with big cameras. But still, even as much as it happens, you still can't get used to it. It never stops becoming overwhelming.

"Just focus on me. Keep your head down. I won't let anything happen to you." Ashley promised, holding onto your hand tightly as you exited the restaurant, trying to ignore the looks you both received from strangers who couldn't grasp the situation.

The shouting was the first thing you heard followed by the flashes of the cameras. You tried to do exactly as Ashley said, trying to keep your focus on her. But it was tough when they kept screaming at you. A couple of them were trying to grab you, hands pulling at the fabric of your shirt. you tried to ignore it, but all of this at once had you feeling worse and worse with each passing second.

Quite quickly you became overwhelmed. You felt like you couldn't breathe. Your hands started to sweat and shake and your knees felt a little like jelly. you could only hope they wouldn't give out underneath you.

"Ash," you whimpered, clutching her hand tighter, as tight as you possibly could.

She turned her head, somehow able to block out everything else as she kept her attention on you. She wrapped her arm around your waist and pulled you as close as possible. "It's okay, y/n. I'm right here with you. It's almost over, we're almost to the car. Just breathe, try to stay calm."

You felt her rub your hip and you tried to focus on your girlfriend and your breathing. Soon enough you were standing in front of the car and Ashley was helping you get inside before she went around and got in too.

The windows were tinted and provided a little protection from the prying and glaring eyes outside. Your breathing was unsteady and your heart was racing.

"Y/n look at me," Ashley said, turning your cheek and cupping it in her hand as your eyes met her worried ones. "I'm right here. Everything's okay now, we're safe. Just try to breathe now."

You closed your eyes and took a few deep breaths. You heard Ashley doing the same in hopes that it would calm you down even more, and it did.

You felt relief wash over you and air enter your lungs. Your shoulders didn't feel heavy now, they were relaxed, as were you.

"Thank you for keeping me safe back there." She kissed your cheek with a light chuckle. "I'll always keep you safe. You're my first priority, always. Now let's go home." She stroked your cheek lovingly and kissed your forehead before driving off.

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