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wonwoo and mingyu were currently heading to the latter's house together. they talked about anything and everything, bickering from time to time and constant unconscious flirting between the two, mingyu being the one initiate it most of the time.

once they reach wonwoo's front door, the clock strikes five in the evening. the two boys are in wonwoo's living room, paying no attention to the kdrama that was playing on the tv.

"bad boys are the best kissers!" mingyu said, sitting on one side of the couch. wonwoo was laying down on it and makes a small space for mingyu, rolling his eyes at the younger's statement. "do you want me to prove it?" he smirked, making wonwoo snort.

"i think i'm okay." wonwoo raised an eybrow and the two boys locked stares, neither of them wanting to look away.

"on a serious note, though. how many guys have you kissed?" mingyu asked, still not taking his gaze away from wonwoo's starry eyes, which were brighter than usual due to the reflection of the tv lights and the glare of his glasses.

wonwoo hesitated a bit but gave in easily to the question. "two."

"what? just two?" mingyu asked again, taken aback.

"what's wrong with that?" wonwoo kicked him with one foot.

"with that face, i would've guessed at least fifteen!" mingyu said casually, as if what he just said couldn't make sparks fly in someone's belly.

"well, that's not my case at all!" wonwoo laughed, kicking him again but this time more playfully. when mingyu was kicked, he pretended to be hurt by the force but laughed it off. "how about we continue playing 21 questions?" he suggested, tucking another cushion behind his head so he has a proper view of mingyu.

mingyu responded, "sure. it's my turn right?" wonwoo nodded. "hmm... how many people have you dated and for how long?" this looked like an interrogation right now, but wonwoo seemed comfortable to open up to mingyu for some reason.

"i've only dated one guy and that was for two years." wonwoo said, touching up his hair, which was all over place due to his laying position.

"two years? that's insane." mingyu comments.

"okay, my turn. how many people have you dated?" wonwoo asked.

"just going to copy my question huh?" mingyu smirked and earned a pillow being smacked in his face, laughing.

"just answer it!"

"i've dated a few people, but they didn't last long." mingyu shrugged, wonwoo nodding at the response. "okay, so with your ex boyfriend, how many times did you have sex? bet you can count them with your hands."

"mingyu!" wonwoo finally gets up and smacks him with the pillow he had under his head. "stop asking those types of questions you shouldn't know the answers to!"

"still have to answer." mingyu laughed, grabbing the pillow and tossing it aside. wonwoo crossed his legs and sat straight, looking right at mingyu. the latter leaned back on the couch and put his arm on the backrest, turning his torso to look at wonwoo properly.

"ten times. we only did it ten times." wonwoo looked down, fidgeting with the ends of his sweater paws, but mingyu doesn't comment on it. "we did it for the first time after a year of dating. i wanted to try it but he kept saying no."

"how can someone say no to you?" mingyu muttered under his breath, and to his luck wonwoo didn't hear it. he clears his throat and asks one more question. "what did you think the first time you did it?"

"isn't it my turn to ask a question?" wonwoo said.

"you just asked one." mingyu snorted. "so now answer my question."

"whatever." wonwoo chuckled, now thinking of how to answer mingyu's question. "i don't know, i guess i didn't get the hype over it? i mean when we finished i was like... that's it? is this what everyone says is the best thing in the world?" he explained, which made mingyu to try stop his smile. "i thought it would get better but... it didn't. i guess i don't find sex to be that special." wonwoo chuckled again, look down at his slender hands that were covered by the woollen sleeves.

"how did you manage to stay with him for two years?" mingyu finally laughed. "wonwoo, if you don't get what's so special about sex then he was obviously doing it wrong." the younger explains, grabbing his hands and preventing him from tearing the sleeves apart.

"r-really?" wonwoo asked, his hands fitting perfectly inside mingyu's slightly bigger ones.

"really. god, i can't believe you didn't drop him after you did it for the first time. didn't soonyoung or junhui ever tell you how amazing sex is? how there was something with the way you were doing it?" mingyu said with a smile that can't seem to leave his lips. he finds the whole situation really funny, because wonwoo looked like a lost puppy. his cheeks were flushed and his eyebrows are forming a cute frown, and it looked like he found this topic embarrassing to talk about.

"i-i actually never told anyone about this." and this was where mingyu's heart stopped.

wonwoo hasn't told anyone about this issue, which means that mingyu was the first to know. therefore, this meant wonwoo trusted him enough to explain this to him.

and seeing wonwoo right now, he just wanted to engulf wonwoo into a loving hug and place kisses all over him.

in wonwoo's mind, it was embarrassing to talk about this, because he found it embarrassing that he knew so little about what it's like to be in love, what it's like to be truly happy with a significant other.

whenever he saw soonyoung with his boyfriend, jihoon, he almost craved to in love like that. and the way junhui talked about how much he adored minghao, he wanted to be like that too. he wanted to talk about someone he admired to the extent his friends would be annoyed.

he wanted to know what it was to be in love with someone. he thought he knew when he was with his previous boyfriend, but seeing mingyu tell him that it was all wrong, he started to question himself.

"i really want to kiss you right now, wonwoo." mingyu blurted out of the blue.

"i-" wonwoo's eyes widen and his heart rate increased at mingyu's words. was bad boy mingyu, admitting that he wanted to kiss him? and possibly have feelings for him?

"but i wont." mingyu caressed wonwoo's slender hands with his thumbs. "i want to take you on a proper date first. i want you to know what real feelings are, and what real sex is. you won't have any doubts or questions anymore." mingyu got up from his space on the couch and looks down at wonwoo. "let's meet after your meeting, okay?"

wonwoo nodded, a little hypnotized by mingyu's tender stare and voice tone. mingyu lifted the latter's hand he was holding, placing a gentle, soft kiss on his milky skin, leaving wonwoo floating in his own cloud.

mingyu left with a soft 'goodbye' that wonwoo wasn't able to return.

he was feeling so many things at once, his stomach hurting, his hands were shaking and his face was burning. he stared at his hand where mingyu placed the kiss, a lingering feeling left on his skin.

what just happened?

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