Chapter 1♥️

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"Yaar where's this guy now ?" I screamed out of irritation.
"Chill bro. Khaana laane Gaya hai. He will be back soon." Aahana replied.
"Soon ? It has already been 45mins !!! Ayush tujhe aaj maar dalungi mein !!" I said rolling my eyes.
I, Ayush and Aahana were bestfriends and always used to hangout together.
And now this guy has gone to bring food for us since the last 45mins and am starving here.
"Rolls my eyes again"

"Hey guys am back !!" Ayush said coming along with the food.
"Kahaaan tha kutte !!" I shouted at him and ran to hit him up.
(That's me savage af ;) )

"Dude chill. Control yourself."

"Today you won't survive. Give me my food." I shouted.

"Dude I met a friend on the way. So got stuck there." He replied.

"Which friend ? Stop making excuses ! Give me my food !"

"Ruhi am sorry. Actually I and Ayush were discussing something important. So he's late." A guy said entering the room.

"Aab yeh kaun.....haiii.....ummm oh Hi Armaan."

Wow this was the only thing left to happen with me on this earth. I embarrassed myself infront of my one and only crush. The Armaan Shergil. The ultimate crush of every girl in our college. Wow Ruhi !! Just wow.

"Hello everyone." He said and came and sat with us. He and Ayush were good friends because they used to practice football together.

These Footballers I tell you. Bhagwan ne furshat se banaya hai. Hayeeee.

"Stop drooling over him !" Aahana said punching my back. And then I realised that I was looking at his dreamy eyes since the time he came there.

"Ssup guys ?" Shouted Kirti entering the room.

"Aagayi kaalmuhi." Aahana whispered into my ears.

"Shit. Why did she come here ? Can't she stay away from him just for 2 fuckin seconds ???" I thought keeping my head down and while I was doing that, I being the great Ruhi Khanna I am, hit my head on the table.

#Embarrassment number 2

"Ouch.." I yelled out of annoyance.

"You fine ?" Aayush asked and I just nodded.

"Guys I have a terrible headache. Am going to my room." I said.

"But the food ?" Aayush asked.

"I'll have it later. Bring it to my room."

"Take care." Armaan said smiling at me.

Don't do that !!! Don't do that to me !!
I came back to my room while Aahana followed me.

"What happened ?" Aahana asked.
"You asking me what happened ? That bitch never even leaves Armaan for a milli second. And they both seem so happy with each other. I can't just sit there and see him talking to her like that !!"

"It's okay fine. Calm down."


"Acha listen. You excited about the dance contest ? We gonna have so much fun."

"Yes I am !!!"
That's how my mood swings.
One moment am super hungry, other moment I don't wanna eat. The next moment am angry as hell and the next moment am dancing like a mad monkey.

And that's Ruhi Khanna for you fellas ;)

The next day we all members of the dance club got together to discuss about the competition and choose partners.

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