Secret Relationship

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It was a few weeks later.
Maya was getting the hang of the entire thing with riding horses as well as being Josh Matthews girlfriend.
Still it seemed strange to her and she didn't want to hide anything but on the other hand she knew it was needed to get her mind in the right way.
She knew she had to go through everythjng to get somewhere but it was a lot harder than she thought it would be.

"What you thinking about, Gorgeous?" Josh asked giving Maya a kiss on her cheek causing her to chuckle.
"About Farkle actually. I know that he is upset about the riding lessons but what about us? How is he gonna react?" Maya asked.
"If you want to tell him we can. No secrets before school starts is always good," Josh said.
"I know. But I'm just afraid what he will think. To him I'm his niece who needs protected. Not some kind of kid. I just wish my life was less complicated," Maya said.
"I've heard your life is as complicated as you make it," Josh said and Maya smiled.

She shook her head as she gave Josh a kiss causing him to pull her in close.
She couldn't get over anything that was happening.
Not the relationship neither how good it did feel to finally be able to go on with her life as a Texas girl.
She was happy and so much more.
Maybe a bit more than she deserved.

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