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it was now monday again, the start of another dreadful week of school. as soon as wonwoo steps one foot into the school building, mingyu rushes to his side, startling his sleepy self and almost causing him to drop his phone and headphones.

"are you going to do it?" he asked quietly, leaning closer to him.

"get you and your energy away from me. i spent all night studying for the biology exam that you didn't study for and i literally woke up five minutes ago." wonwoo said with a soft voice, exaggerating the 'you' in his sentence. "i'm still sleepy." he heads to his locker, mingyu following behind him like a lost puppy.

the younger leaned on the locker's door as wonwoo put his books inside it, taking the ones he needed for first period. "come on, don't you want to prove that i'm not a bad boy? plus, for once i don't want to fail an exam." mingyu pouted, desperation clearly showing in his eyes and tone of voice.

wonwoo sighed, holding his books and notes close to his chest and turns to mingyu, who was looking at him with innocent, puppy eyes. "fine. but where does mr. kang keep his exams?"

"i don't know." mingyu states, a small smile playing on his lips as wonwoo closed the locker and started heading to his class. "probably in the faculty room." the statement made wonwoo stop in his tracks and turn abruptly to mingyu.

"are you kidding?" he whisper-shouts, getting closer to him and pushing to one side of the long corridor and away from the surrounding crowds of students. "it's impossible to get in there, there's always teachers around."

"i can distract them," mingyu shrugged. "look, right after english finishes, there's just mrs. kim in there. i can distract her and you can take mr kang's answer sheet." mingyu whispered in wonwoo's ear. "you have at least five minutes until the english teacher gets there."

"you make it sound like it's so easily." wonwoo murmurs quietly to himself. he grunted, cursing at his past self for being so dumb to agree to do such a stupid thing like this. "okay," he mutters, a visible frown making mingyu chuckle softly.

"don't worry, i've done this before." he proudly stated.

"yeah, and it almost got you expelled." wonwoo counterattacked, causing mingyu's cocky expression to crumble.

"am i a bad boy yet?" mingyu asked jokingly, making wonwoo roll his eyes once again. "i have to go. remember, right after english. once you got the exams and the sheet, just meet me behind the school in the garden courtyard." he reminded wonwoo and the elder one nodded. mingyu leaves right after he pets wonwoo's hair gently and lets his hand travel down his cheek as he headed in the direction his classroom is in.

wonwoo is left there, with a faint blush spreading across his cheeks as he still feels the gentle traces of mingyu's fingers on his face.

english finished, and wonwoo found himself heading to the faculty room at the very end of the corridor. he mentally cursed over and over again, expecting the worst out of what he is about to do.

he looked around the corner to see mingyu talking to mrs. kim, who was facing her back to the office, making it easier for wonwoo to sneak in.

he gently pushed the sliding door and seeing the empty faculty room still managed to make wonwoo's heart pound hard against his chest, begging himself to get out of there unless he wanted to get expelled, but his ego was high and really wanted to impress mingyu.

wait... did i just admit that i wanted to impress the delinquent?

he got this thought out of his head quickly because right now was not the time to be thinking about boys with perfectly parted hair, leather jackets and dr. martens. wonwoo, concentrate.

he spotted mr. kang's section of the long desk, a pile of papers amidst the clutter on his desk next to his small filing cabinet, which must be the exam pile. searching through and after a few seconds he takes out a sheet of paper. after taking some glances at it and yes, this was definitely the answer sheet. he also takes one of the exam papers they were going to be given and folded them in half and hid it in the inside breast pocket of his navy blazer.

wonwoo prayed to god not to encounter the english teacher when he slid the door open and it worked, because the hall was still empty and even mrs. kim wasn't there anymore.

he gets far away from the faculty office and headed outside the building as fast as he could, with his uneven breathing and his pounding heart.

a wave of relief comes over him as he walked behind the school in the courtyard that was surrounded by trees. mingyu was sat on one of the stone benches that had a view of the small pond, a smile on his face as he looked at wonwoo. wonwoo walked over and sat down next to him and what mingyu saw made his heart warm.

wonwoo was smiling so big his nose was slightly scrunched and his eyes were partly disappearing.

"do you have them?" mingyu asked, to which wonwoo nodded rapidly. he got closer to him, and as bubbly as mingyu had ever seen, wonwoo got closer to his ear and whispered.

"they're hidden inside my blazer." and then giggles, which is the most beautiful sound according to mingyu.

"mind if i take them?" mingyu asked with a smirk, lifting one side of wonwoo's blazer to see the bulk folded paper, his eyes locked on wonwoo's.

a blush covered both mingyu and wonwoo's faces as they realise how close they were, wonwoo being the one to move away a little. "i'll hand them to you once i'm home." wonwoo said softly, the smallest pout forming.

"how are we getting home?" mingyu asked, standing up straight.

"you. you're driving me home today." wonwoo says, kicking the piles of leaves whenever he got near to one.

following behind him with his hands inside his pockets, mingyu asked, "and who decided that?"

"me, after what i just did. and you better buy me some strawberry flavoured milk." wonwoo turned around and gifted him another wide smile.

"don't push it, wonwoo. i can only be nice for so long." mingyu chuckled as they walked towards the parking lot.

wonwoo was feeling the adrenaline take over him, and he hasn't felt better than today. maybe doing bad things wasn't that much of a bad idea.

day five.

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